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Mentor Mentee System

We know mentors are the people who have a massive effect on our lives. They can shape our lives. Mentors provide motivation, give us advice, contribute to our success, give us direction, train and support us and help us reach our goal.

At SEGi we have a well-established mentor-mentee programme where you will be guided by knowledgeable professors who will guide you throughout your learning journey. They will have intellectual discussions with you and provide you with academic guidance exclusively suited for you which will help you sail through your studies and train you to be an independent learner. You will meet your mentor 3 times every semester, discuss any matter with your mentor and get help with issues – academic and non-academic. This is a great way to progress in life since you will have a dedicated guide to help you during all the years you spend in the University. This programme will also help you fit into the new culture of the University.

You will be linked to a mentor on the first day of the programme. Your mentor will be a lecturer who will help you throughout your stay at SEGi.

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