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Segi Connect

As a new student in our university, you might have innumerable doubts in your mind. You may not know what to do, where to go, how to start and most importantly, what the future holds for you. It is natural to have these doubts, especially in a new place.

To help you find answers to your questions, we have established a dedicated team – SEGi Connect. Our entire SEGi Connect team has been there and they understand your dilemma. And they are here for you. They are here to make your life smooth and comfortable in SEGi and ensure that you have a memorable time. From the time you enrol into SEGi, our team is there to guide you. We are your friends and we will be with you from the time you contact us to enquire about a programme till the time you take off to a wonderful life in the corporate world.

Below are the details of the SEGi Connect team:

  • Bursary
    • Finance
    • PTPTN
    • Scholarship funds
  • Faculty
    • Academic
    • Exam conduct
    • Deferment
    • Change programme
  • Hostel
    • Payment
    • Change room
  • International Office
    • Visa
    • Immigration matters
  • Maintenance
    • Campus grounds
    • Facilities
    • Security
  • Marketing – Local & International
    • Agents related
    • Counsellors related
  • Registry
    • Offer letter
    • Student ID
    • Letter to open a bank account
    • Scholarship
  • Any other areas you may need help with

If you want to meet face to face, you will find us either in the Right Wing at Level 1 (opposite International Marketing Office) or in the Faculty Offices at Level 2.

If you want to contact us over the phone, our numbers are:

  • 03 6145 2777 extensions 1744, 2732, 3187 or 3234
  • 017 6909 527 or 017 6909 701

You can also email us at

Learn more about SEGi Connect