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Global Industry Exposure

We encourage you to spread your wings across the globe and that’s why we have set up the SEGi Global Exposure and Internship Platform. As the world becomes more and more competitive, graduates need to be ready with the latest knowledge to have a competitive edge in the global scenario. Global and local knowledge is important and that’s what we deal with in this platform. We provide you with the requisite platform to make sure you have the correct global and local exposure.

We provide outstanding internship opportunities which enables you to form industry linkages and gain valuable insights about an industry. Our holistic industry-driven “SEGi Global Exposure and Internship” platform prepares students in every aspect of the business domain. The global industry exposure aims to equip both hard and soft skills such as people skills, social skills and communication skills to help you stand out and perform well in the global arena.

To heighten the spirit of the “SEGi Global Exposure and Internship” initiative, SEGi University organises a series of lectures by leaders from various industry sectors sharing success stories and invaluable business insights. Furthermore, this provides an opportunity for you to network with people who matter in the industry.

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