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SEGi University cares for each of our students — your welfare, your learning needs and your entire well-being throughout your journey with SEGi University. Here’s how we play our role in ensuring we bring the best out of you as you embark on one of the most significant journeys of your life. The University has seven divisions that cares in different ways for you, the student. These are SEGi Connect, the Academic Learning Support Unit, the Employment Readiness Programme, the SEGi Enrichment Programme, the Mentor Mentee System, Global Industry Exposure and Strong Global Industry Linkages.


We make your exciting experience of stepping into the next chapter of your life as smooth and memorable as possible! From the moment you come in to SEGi for your registration, we will be there to guide you on the whole process. We are with you until you enter class, and we continue to be with you throughout your studies. We, your first SEGi friends, will be in contact sporadically throughout your studies, until we know you will be ok on your own in our campus.

Academic Learning Support

The Academic Skills Unit provides learning support for students by way of assisting them with assignment-writing, thesis-construction, language proficiency, research and brain-storming and studying skills. We hope to nurture knowledgeable and academically rigorous students who able to produce quality essays and assignments. We offer face-to-face consultation, assistance via submission to the online anti-plagiarism and grading system and workshops. We are located on the 2nd Floor at SEGi University’s Faculty Offices.

Employment Readiness Programme

We provide Pre-Internship and Pre-employment Workshops to Instil Employment Values as You Venture From Academic to Work Life.

Our in-house “soft skills” training will prepare you for internship placement and employment upon graduation.


SEGi ENRICHMENT PROGRAMME addresses the major reasons for unemployment by providing opportunities for students to hone their soft skills. There are more than 100 structured and specially designed Seminars, Workshops, Conferences, Symposiums and Training Sessions that  make our students to be Industry – Ready! These modules are developed based on industry and professional bodies’ feedback on the requirements of a fresh graduate.

Mentor Mentee System

The learning culture in higher education is very different whereby intellectual discussions happens between lecturers and students rather than the conventional spoon feeding of information. Students are guided to be independent in their learning at SEGi University. The Mentor-Mentee programme at SEGi University is to help students fit into this new culture as well as help those who may need more guidance academically.

Students are linked with a mentor right from the day they commence their studies. The mentors are their lecturers themselves, who will be with them throughout their studies in SEGi. This ensures the academic guidance given are from professional and knowledgeable people, who knows where and whom to refer to should further assistance are required.

Global Industry Exposure

  • We enrich your learning experience by exposing you to local and global industry practices.
  • We strategically network with industry leaders to foster long-term, multi-dimensional relationships.
  • We apply academic expertise to generate socially relevant and high impact research activities with industry and community stakeholders.

Strong Global Industry Linkages

Through the strong global linkages, our students have the opportunity to join more than 1,000 companies worldwide.
Furthermore, a career fair on campus is held just for SEGi University students.

Other benefits include:

  • Access to SEGian Talents, which are career partnerships.
  • Collaboration with academics, faculties and schools for research and development.
  •  Complimentary use of facilities and services on campus