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The 7th Student Intellectual Discourse – “WhatsApp : An Addictive Affair”

SEGi University’s Student Affairs Division organised their seventh student intellectual discourse, comprising of five speakers who are students and lecturers from various programmes.The topic was “WhatsApp: An Addictive Affair” and it was moderated by Mr. Ghulam Irshad, the Head of Regulatory and Internal QA. The other lecturer that was present was Mr. Zairin Zafri from the Centre for Foundation Studies. The student speakers were Nur Ain Atiqah and Samuel Janakar from the Faculty of Education, and Prithivan Kobala from the School of Communication Studies.

The discourse debated on an issue that is part of modern life; the addiction to WhatsApp. The current generation is believed to be highly engrossed in this application and hence, aren’t paying attention to our loved ones in physical existence. Not all speakers agreed that WhatsApp is causing a zombie generation. Atiqah mentioned that her parents are relying heavily on it pertaining to work matters, while Samuel shared that addiction of WhatsApp is a choice of behavior, and involving not only Generation Y but older generation as well!

While the rampant usage of WhatsApp is avoidable and becoming of more like a trend, the precaution is needed especially when one is engaging in something important. While others use it for leisure, working adults might be using it largely for working purpose etc. It’s important to always remind ourselves not to go overboard and appreciate the physical interaction in the present moment.The discourse was a fruitful event – here’s to more intellectual discourse!

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