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The 10th Student Intellectual Discourse

The Student Affairs Division recently organized their 10th Student Intellectual Discourse with the topic of “Are We Raising A Strawberry Generation?”. We were honoured to have 4 speakers from various background, to share their experience and thoughts about the generation nowadays. It was moderated by Professor Mogana from Faculty of Education. The student speakers were Sy Nary Mohd Ismail Ganesan from SEGi College Kuala Lumpur, Shirley Chand a/l Mohan Cavin from Faculty of Communication & Creative Design and Lee Jia Xi from American Degree Program, SEGi University Kota Damansara.

The discourse debated on the reasons of labelling generation Y as the strawberry generation. The strawberry generation refers to generation born after 1981 who “bruise easily” like strawberries – it’s been said that they are unable to withstand or work hard like their parents’ generation; the term refers to people who are insubordinate, spoiled, selfish, arrogant, and sluggish in work.

The speakers had spoken about it from various angle such as the impact of technology compare to the old days and the influence of Abraham Maslow theory’s on the hierarchy of needs. Instead of willingness to accept the label, one has to filter information with critical thinking and skeptical mind. The debate has come to a conclusion that all human being, be it generation X or Y is indeed heading towards a better future while trying to strike a balance between reconciliation of technology and humanistic care.

The discourse was a fruitful event – here’s to more intellectual discourse!

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