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Suicide Prevention Campaign – Care & Communicate: Only YOU Can CHANGE Your Story (8th to 10th October 2018)

In conjunction with September which is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month and 10th October which is observed as World Mental Health Day, the Peer Counselors team been trained under the Counseling Unit of Student Affairs SEGi University had organized a Suicide Prevention Campaign for 3 consecutive days on 8th -10th October 2018.

The campaign was held with the overall objective to raise both awareness regarding mental health issues, to mobilize effort in support of mental health, to reach out to those affected by suicide, to connect individuals with suicidal ideation to treatment services and to ensure that individuals, friends and families have access to the resources they need to discuss suicide prevention.

Equipped with the concept Care & Communicate: Only YOU Can CHANGE Your Story!, the soft launching was held at Dictator Stage on the 1st day with welcoming address from Prof. Azrin Ariffin, DVC of Student Affairs and followed by signing STOP Suicide Pledge and flash mob performed by the peer counselors group.

A telematch was held on the 2nd day which participated by 44 students, represented 11 clubs and societies that registered under Student Affairs of SEGi University. It was held with the aim to promote healthy lifestyle in physical, mental health and to promote team spirits.

The educational booths were held at the Dictator Stage for the consecutive 3 days while the team handling out inspirational quotes bookmarks to the students. At the same time, a video clips were produced and had been played along the education booths. The video clips had shown some interviews with SEGi students and staff regarding the suicide topic which deemed taboo for some, to encouraging words about appreciating life, making the most out of life and to live a fulfilling life before our times are up.

The campaign was a success which drew a huge participation during the soft launch and the telematch, as well as other students that had benefited from the educational booths as well.

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