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The SEGi Enrichment Programme (SEP), has been created specially to provide our SEGi students with opportunities to enhance their soft skills through structured and well-designed seminars, workshops, conferences and symposiums. Students’ today are seeking better quality education. Enriching the students through industry practices, SEGi is fulfilling its vision of placing quality education by developing natural talents that conform industry requirement.

Here in SEGi, we are proud to share that our Enrichment Programmes have been designed to support students with their employability once they have graduated. This programme is one of our initiatives in giving our students the best experience within the campus before heading to the job market. The students are very positive about the arrangement and we happy that they are benefiting from such events. The brand the students upholds represent our contributions to the business community and society.

“Failure Is Progress” seminar was organized by the academic team members headed by Dr. Sugumaran Selladurai the Dean, Faculty of Business, Accounting and Management (FoBAM) and students from FoBAM on 17th October 2018 at Auditorium SEGi University Kota Damansara. The event was officiated by Professor Dr. Azrin Esmady Ariffin; Deputy Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs of SEGi University and was attended by 200 students from SEGi University, Kota Damansara.

The objective of this seminar is to create and expand the awareness among students and staff on the importance of learning and reflecting from failures and picking ourselves up after a setback. Having courage and competence in learning from our failures and using failure as a teacher would allow us to face challenges in our lives. Through this, students will gain a wider knowledge on the importance of using failure as an opportunity to grow towards success. We truly believe and hope that this event will cultivate and strengthen our students’ confidence in becoming well-rounded individuals and most sought-after graduate. As business environment is dynamically heading towards inevitable changes in trend, students should also be aware and ready to face those emerging challenges. To be frank, the classroom alone is insufficient in developing the necessary knowledge, skills and preferences. Therefore, students’ engagement with industry; successful business leaders and professionals are essential in preparing them with the relevant skills to meet the industry and job market needs.

As part of the SEP, the FoBAM faculty members had the privilege of inviting two honorable industry captains to share their knowledge and wisdom. The first speaker Mr. Ganesan Seerangam, Human Resources Practitioner and Motivational Speaker and the second speaker

Mr. Teoh Chon Giap, Co-founder and CEO of who are successful leaders in this profession, presented their views and valuable experience on “Failure is Progress” to the students of SEGi Kota Damansara. They had vast experience in providing colorful solutions to the students in the field of their professional knowledge.

The first guest speaker Mr. Ganesan Seerangam, shared on his failures encountered in life and also highlighted to the students that “we are not ordinary but extraordinary, we are not emotional but intellectual, we are not loser but we born to win, we are not hardworking students but we are smart students and most importantly failure is progress of success”. He has also shared with the students on the roadmap to success and greatness are all about having sound preparation, motivation, execution, teamwork and thereafter success will encounter. He has also mentioned that failure takes in many form: when it doesn’t work, when it works well, but no one wants it, when it works fine, but someone else works better and when it works but the timing is wrong. In sum, failure makes our ideas stronger, but only if we are willing to learn from it. The most important thing to be remembered here is that you will only fall down when you learn to walk, you will only drown when you learn to swim, and you will only fall over when the training wheels come off. Hence, failure is the only gateway to success as it teaches you what doesn’t work and what to avoid in future attempts.

The second guest speaker Mr. Teoh Chon Giap, also shared to the students on his painful failures experience in life. Mr Teoh also highlighted on very fascinating 6 keys takeaways in the real world(1) Master your Mind, Design Your Destiny– Your Mind Affects Your Emotion, Words, Experiences, Manage Your Emotion and You Can Control The Outcome Of Results, People Can’t Change You, Unless You Allow Them. (2) Have Vision and Set Goals– Set Achievable Goals (Weekly, Monthly, Annually), Goals Show Progress, Have An End Goal/ Vision of What You Want (5 Years & 10 Years). (3) Be Valuable, Not Successful –

Strive Not to Be Successful, But Rather to Be of Value, Focus in Building Yourself and What Can You Contribute/ Give, The Richer You Want to Be, The More People’s Problems You Need to Solve. (4) Be An Explorer– “Don’t Buy Materials, Buy Experience”, Experiences Give You Wisdom, Knowledge, and Creativity, Experiences Allow You To Have Stories. (5) Find Mentors

Have Role Models, Surround Yourself with Great People, Learn from Other People’s Mistakes & Successes. (6) Embrace Fear – Fears Are the Stories We Tell Ourselves, the Other Side of Every Fear Is a Freedom, Don’t Let Your Fear of What Happen Make Nothing Happen.

The feedback that was obtained from the SEGi students that “Failure Is Progress” indeed provided maximum benefits as it adds value in their education and also in their career building. In addition to that, the event also enabled the students to grab the opportunity to boost their motivational aspects in this highly competitive edge.

The organizing team members was led by the FOBAM Lecturers Dr. Sudhashini Nair and the committee members involved are Ms. Harjinder Kaur, Dr Yamunah, Ms Dilashenyi Devi, Ms. Dineswary, Ms. Suguna, Ms Noor Ain, Ms. Sandrakala, Ms. Uma Murthy, Mr Paul Anthony, Mr Gopal, Mr Ilangovan and Mr Ravindran. The top level Management appreciated all the academic teams at FoBAM despite their tight lecture schedules in organizing an impressive talk under the SEP program. Well done SEGi!!

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