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Starry, starry SEGi alumni reunion

With SEGi, it’s possible to climb high and reach for the stars! – AA, 2011”

THE wet and windy weather did little to dampen the SEGi alumni spirit as they made their return to their alma mater for a reunion.

More than 100 alumni and guests flooded into the campus and laughed off the showers with reunions and get together with one another.

The 1st SEGi Alumni Reunion saw former students from all faculties congregated for a fun night to catch up with old friends and at the same time, learned how the University has developed over the years.

“Miss SEGi University moment so much – Nurul Afifah Aminuddin, 2016”

“Starry, starry night, paint your palette blue and gray…look out on a summer’s day, with eyes that know the darkness in my soul…” that was how the night started with an impressive solo performance by alumnus Azri Ahmad, who founded SEGi Music Club while studying at the university.

Vice Chancellor of SEGi University Professor Patrick Kee delivered his opening speech to welcome the alumni. A “Memories of the Past” video was shown on the screen after the welcoming speech, which brought back fond memories for most of the alumni.

While enjoying the dinner, the emcee decided to test how well the alumni know about the University’s history and facilities. The reunion kicked off with a simple quiz and mystery prizes were given to those who managed to answer the question correctly.

Hola…Nice to be back! Love SEGi. Enjoyed the nite – Doris Chee, 2013”

After the quiz, Deputy Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Division Professor Azrin Ariffin took over the stage and said the Alumni Association must be formed to uphold the SEGi Alma Mater. In his speech, he said the story of one’s life, no matter how epic or anonymous, begins in his or her formative years in school. “Every great leader, professional or businessman began as a starry-eyed student,” he added.

He ended his speech by urging the alumni to play their role well in the society and use their influence to direct the development of our society positively, to uphold good morals and be a role model to inspire the society.

“Hi! Lots of Love.  Too many memories here – Noramira Affida, 2013”

SEGi University would like to extend their heartfelt appreciation to HRINCAMPUS and the GenYouth for sponsoring the lucky draw gifts including wireless Bluetooth speakers and Power Bank.  The lucky draws were drawn by the Vice Chancellor and Deputy Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Division.

The night ended with a bang as alumni and guests were all smiles and took a group photo before the reunion ended.

SEGi University taught me how to be a productive engineer in the society – Gumaan Ali, 2017”

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