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Staff Exchange Program With Abertay University

SEGi University’s Faculty of Business, Accounting and Management was visited by Dr Alex Avramenko, a lecturer in management from Abertay University. He spent the 5 days of his visit delivering lectures to students as well as meeting up with SEGi lecturers to discuss on future working collaborations. His visit has since further strengthened the relationship between SEGi University and Abertay University.

Dr. Alex teaches entrepreneurship modules, research and academic enterprise at the Dundee Business School in Abertay University. He truly enjoyed his time teaching SEGi University and Abertay University dual award students. According to him, “SEGi students are keen to learn and engage in class activities. They are really enthusiastic and open to new experiences.”

When asking his feedback on the campus facilities, he said that “the organisation and facilities here are terrific. Students have the opportunity to study and relax at the same time. Plus, students can get everything they need here, it is like an all-in- one centre. There’s a mini mart, canteen, bookshop, library, student lounges and many more. Everything a student need is easily accessible here.”

“It’s been a hectic 5 days in SEGi University with non-stop activities. The people here were simply amazing! They were so welcoming, hospitable and willing to share their time and knowledge with me this past few days. I will especially remember the discussions on research I had with Dr. Mahiswaran and Dr. Naail. They have been truly a pleasure to work with!”

He added that the dual award programme between SEGi University and Abertay University is a good exposure for the students to experience different cultures and a great plus for anyone wanting to start a career. A degree from Abertay University will definitely be an added advantage for the students.

A meeting between Dr Alex and Professor Dr. Patrick Kee, (Vice Chancellor of SEGi University) was held during this visit to reveal the opportunities and challenges of the road ahead in providing contextual and synergetic educational experience at SEGi for prospective learners for many years to come.

Dr. Alex has also been working closely with Dr. Mahiswaran Selvanathan (Head of strategic Management research unit at the Faculty of Business and Management and Head of Cluster for Social Sciences and Humanities for the Research and Innovation Management Centre (RIMC) of SEGi University) and Dr. Naail Mohammed Kamil (Head of Global Leadership Research Unit at the Faculty of Business and Management) for an upcoming collaboration (Memorandum of Agreement).

He concluded the visit as a “stimulating visit which has left an enriching impact on my professional development and teaching practice.”

The project was co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

SEGi is looking forward to Dr. Alex’s next visit!

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