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Seminar sparks students’ creativity

The Faculty of Business, Accounting and Management (FOBAM) at SEGi University Kota Damansara (SUKD) has organised a seminar, “Creative Thinking in Business” aimed at enhancing students learning experience.

The seminar was part of SEGi Enrichment Programme (SEP) intended to provide students with opportunities to enhance their soft skills through structured and well-designed seminars, workshops, conferences and symposiums.

Held on April 16 at SUKD, the event was officiated by Professor Dr. Azrin Esmady Ariffin; Deputy Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs of SEGi University and it received overwhelming responses from over 200 students.

Two industry captains, Vishal J. Singh, a consultant at Solar Design Services and Prasath Kanagaras, Managing Director of Point Blank Mediaworks Sdn Bhd were invited to share their knowledge, wisdom and experience at the seminar.

The duo shared their experience in providing colourful solutions in the field of creative thinking. Creative thinking is a popular topic within the academic and business industry and it is a way of looking at problems and situations from a fresh perspective with the ultimate goal to devise an unconventional solution.

It can be stimulated by an unstructured process such as brainstorming, and by a structured process such as lateral thinking. It can also be defined as an ability to imagine or invent a new product or service.

Realising creativity and and creative thinking deserve a bigger role in the education, SEGi wanted to enhance this skill at the undergraduate level. Ultimately, students can be proud that they have rightly chosen an interesting and relevant program to attend.

In his sharing session, Vishal advised students to “open up their minds to the possibilities out there” to enhance creativity. He also urged the students to mingle and socialize with others as he said “connections are everything”.

Meanwhile, when Prasath took over the stage, he explained the importance of creative thinking because this skill enables an individual to see opportunities in the marketplace and helps to devise a unique solution to a problem.

“Creativity is key to innovation because it stimulates the brain and helps (you) to pay attention to details. Creativity also helps to shift perception and better understand from customers’ point of view,” he explained. Prasath introduced a methodology to help improve creative thinking – Rethink, Imagine, Analyze, Ideate and Create.

The seminar enabled students gained an understanding of the importance of strategy and innovation in an organization. It also equipped them with an ability to formulate innovative business strategy in the highly competitive edge.

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