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SEGians Discover a Bright Future in Islamic Banking and Finance

SEGi University’s Graduate School of Business (GSB) and the Research & Innovation Management Centre (RMC) organised a talk on “Islamic Banking and Finance: The New Paradigm in Human Capital” for postgraduate Business students so that they can learn more about Islamic banking, as well as to promote the prospect of working in the Islamic banking field.

The speaker was Datuk Mohamed Azahari Kamil, the CEO of Asia Finance Bank. He has a vast experience in the field, as he held the post since August 2008 and he also has almost three decades of experience in Corporate Services and Fund Management.

According to Datuk Mohamed Azahari, Islamic banking has now started to gain global recognition because it promotes a win-win situation among investors and bankers, where interest is not applicable. It is also based on the spirit of ideal profit sharing (50:50 or 70:30) where investors gain more profit rather than bankers, as opposed to conventional banking. Ultimately, Islamic banking functions on the principle of equity.

He emphasised that Islamic banking is in need of more experts and he urged students to join this field, as the prospect is vast and burgeoning.

He also revealed that today’s graduates lack basic values although they perform well academically. The basic values of integrity and teamwork will lead to ethical and productive graduates.

Datuk Mohamed Azahari also stressed the importance of students to discover their leadership quality because leaders are not born, but they are nurtured to become one.

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