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SEGi University Students Debate on Modern Lifestyles

SEGi University’s Student Affairs Division organised their sixth student intellectual forum, comprising of five speakers who are students and lecturers from various programmes. The topic was “Are we living in excess or moderation?” and it was moderated by Dr. Wan Melati from the School of Communication Studies. The other lecturer that was present was Mr. Ismawi Ibrahim, the Head of Department of Centre For Languages. The student speakers were Aliah Farzana, Ereena Rosli, and Eelaine Fong from the Bachelor of English & Public Relations programme, Bachelor of Mass Communication programme, and Bachelor of Education programme respectively.

The forum discussed an issue that is part of modern life – the tendency to overspend which leads to living excessively. The current generation is believed to be living in excess as opposed to the previous generation who are content with what they already have.

Not all speakers agreed that they are living in excess. Eelaine Fong mentioned that her parents brought her up in a modest way, such as encouraging her to use public transportation until she entered the second year of her studies. Her parents even got her a second-hand car instead of a brand new one, and the car was handed down to her after her elder siblings had used it and they managed to buy their own cars.

However, the other two students, Aliah and Ereena, said it is hard to live in moderation these days because the society demands us to live in a particular way and as a result, the ‘wants’ have become ‘needs’, such as smartphones.

Mr. Ismawi shared some statistics that said most of us are living in excess, but it is not the case for most people who live in rural areas. So it can be concluded by saying that city folks are somewhat living in excess regardless of their income, because they have to keep up with certain standards that society has established.

The forum was a fruitful event – here’s to more intellectual forums!

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