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SEGi University Students Debate Love vs Lust

In an effort to promote healthy debate, the SEGi University’s Student Affairs Division organised one with the title “Love vs Lust” under its Youth Talk initiative.

Four SEGi students from various faculties participated in the session that was moderated by Vadi Vellu from the American Degree Program. Vadi started the ball rolling by asking whether love or lust can directly affect a student’s academic performance.

The first speaker was Siva Naga Ranjini from the American Degree Program, who said she believes a student should not allow themselves to underperform academically when in an relationship, so it does not necessarily mean a student should avoid being in a relationship. She shared that a relationship based on love may lead to better performance academically, while one that is based on lust does the opposite.

The speakers in action

The next speaker, Yahya Ismanov from the Faculty of Business and Accounting, said love and lust normally co-exist, hence it will be difficult to determine whether someone is in a relationship for love or lust.

Muhammad Amin from the same faculty said he is in agreement with Yi Xin and he believed an individual should know both aspects so it would not lead to unnecessary problems.

All speakers expressed their personal opinions clearly and proved they could hold their own discourse. Well done, all!

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