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SEGi University Raises Awareness of Dyslexia

SEGi University’s Student Affairs Division in collaboration with Chalkzone Academia organised the “Hearts for Charity” to raise funds for The Dyslexia Association of Malaysia.

The launch was held at the Dictator Stage, SEGi University with opening speeches by Ms. Lydia Foong, the Dean for the Faculty of Education and Deputy Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, Dato’ Professor Dr. Jamaludin Mohaiadin followed by a dance and percussion performance by the children of the Dyslexia Association. A food bazaar and art display was also held at the Piazza area.

The charity drive managed to raise funds which amounted to RM2,000 which will be donated to the Dyslexia Association.

Dyslexia which is a reading disorder, is characterised by trouble with reading despite normal intelligence. Problems may include difficulties in spelling words, writing words, sounding out words, pronouncing words when reading aloud and understanding what one reads as well as reading too quickly. Often these difficulties are first noticed at school.

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