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5 Advantages of Taking Online Education

The existing challenges fronting higher educational institutions are high tuition fees and budget cuts. Thus, it causes many students to find an alternative, which is online education. Online education has...
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5 Tricks To Help You Breeze Through Online Education

Whether you are seeking flexibility or the convenience of earning a quality degree at your own pace, studying online has become a preferred option for many working adults. In fact,...
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Top 5 Advantages of Online Learning VS Classroom & Blended Learning

Learning has evolved in many ways. In a world where information is available in excess, the Internet today, has become a popular teaching aid so much so that classrooms are...
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Pursue Your Professional Study At Your Own PACE

In a job market as competitive as today’s, a working professional who is seeking a higher salary, getting a promotion, landing a management position, developing a strong professional network, becoming...
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Tiga Langkah Untuk Memotivasikan Diri Dalam e-Pembelajaran / Online Learning

Globalisasi membawa perubahan teknologi kepada masyarakat. Ledakan maklumat dan keupayaan teknologi terutamanya kuasa digital dan pengkomputeran telah menukar sistem pendidikan dan teori pembelajaran. Kini, konsep universiti maya menyediakan persekitaran pembelajaran...
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Early childhood educators in the 21st century classroom seminar

SEGi University Online (PACE) in collaboration with Faculty of Education, EP-Tec and University Bookstores organised a half-day seminar to education and equip early childhood educators with 21st century skills. Participants...
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Toastmasters international education expo

SEGi University Online (PACE) collaborated with Toastmasters International District 102 in organising The Toastmasters Educational Expo. The event aims to bring lessons beyond speeches to the toastmasters and non-toastmasters community,...
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Preparing for a 21st-century workforce

The rapidly evolving world of technology has completely changed the way we think and work. Catering to the needs of the 21st-century consumer is the biggest challenge. Each day brings...
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Making it Possible for Working Adults to Pursue Further Studies

Making it Possible for Working Adults to Pursue Further Studies SEGi University and Colleges today launched the PACE Centre of Excellence (CoE) at SEGi College Kuala Lumpur. The PACE Centre...
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