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SEGi University Medical Students participate in the Healthy Athletes Programme (HAP)

Three SEGi University medical students participated in the Healthy Athletes Programme (HAP) for disabled children in Bintulu. The HAP event was held in conjunction with the 4th Special Olympics Sarawak Games to improve the lifestyle and health of the Special Olympics children which was participated by medical students Brandon Goh Jen Fei, 22, Nur Izzah Syahira Azizi, 22, and Kamini Manohyaran Pillai, 25.

This event saw more than 100 nurses, doctors, specialists, medical students and volunteers come together to participate in the three-day event which took place from Sept 30th to Oct 2nd. This event proved to be an important programme for the special children as most of them did not realise that they have health issues which affected their eyes, hearing and dental conditions.

The children were given health screenings, eye check-ups, free glasses and hearing screenings. About 100 pairs of sunglasses were also distributed throughout the event.

Nur Izzah, a SEGi medical student commented that she joined for the experience and was a little apprehensive at first to meet the disabled children but after meeting them, she realised that they were in face friendlier than some of the people she has met. She also added that we should treat them the same as regular human beings.

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