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SEGi University Creative Arts Students Heat Up KL

Final year Creative Arts students majoring in Advertising, Creative Multimedia, Graphic Design, Interior Design and Video and Animation at SEGi University held a showcase from 16th to 17th January at the Annexe Gallery in Central Market, Kuala Lumpur to feature the artwork and other efforts of the graduating students to members of the public.

The name of the showcase is “A Hundred Degree Celsius”, a laboratory concept combining Art and Design. The laboratory is a metaphorical representation of where the magic of great ideas, creative thinking and design process takes place.

The title of the showcase is also a reference to the boiling point of water. The high temperature metaphorically represents heated passion and love for art. And yet with a change in temperatures, the physical form of water can change too. Just like water, designers can take up many forms, have different styles and produce various products

The showcase provided the opportunity to the students to learn how to explain their artwork to anyone that enquires more, and also to obtain the attention of prospective employers.

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