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SEGi University Assists East Coast Flood Victims

SEGi University’s Student Affairs Division had the noble idea of organising a campaign to collect essential items for the affected victims of the recent East Coast flood. However, most of the students and employees were away on their year-end break. The timing made it seem impossible for the Student Affairs Division to make the campaign a success, but nothing deterred them from trying other methods such as Facebook, word-of-mouth, and also by approaching various departments within the campus.

Contact was made to the Flood Relief Centre in Temerloh, Pahang, who then requested SEGi to contact Dr Haziq who is based at Klinik Kesihatan Chenor. Dr Haziq recommended a small village named Kampong Peijing in Chenor, Pahang that has around 100 – 150 villagers and where aid is limited. After a discussion with the Head Villager, Tok Ketua Zul, it was decided that the campaign period has to be extended until 14th January to collect essential items for the villagers. They requested household items, footwear, medical essentials, clothing, food, toiletries and cooking items.

On 15th January, the items worth RM10,000 were delivered by hand to Tok Ketua Zul. The SEGi University team was led by Dato’ Prof Dr Jamaludin Mohaidin, Chief Student Affairs and Deputy Vice Chancellor, and accompanied by 6 Student Affairs employees and 13 student volunteers. They also had the chance to witness the devastation of the floods and how the items from the campaign can help these people back on their feet.

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