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SEGi Contributes to HUSM, Kubang Krian, Kelantan

The Student Affairs Division of SEGi University embarked on yet another mission to flood victims in East Coast, Malaysia. They organised a donation of hospital equipment worth RM140,000.00 to Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia (HUSM) at Kubang Krian, Kelantan. The equipment consists of hospital beds, cardiac tables, IV poles, table side cabinets, baby bassinette and blankets.

A flag-off ceremony took place that morning on SEGi University grounds with the Chief Executive Officer of SEGi University and Colleges, Ms Hew Moi Lan with the Vice Chancellor, Emeritus Professor Dr. Muhamad bin Awang and Deputy Vice Chancellor (Student Affairs) Dato’ Prof. Dr. Jamaludin Mohaiadin. They oversaw that all equipment were safely loaded into lorries to be sent to the hospital.

HUSM is used as a trauma center for patients from Hospital Kota Bahru and folks in Kelantan affected by the flood, so the hospital really needed that equipment.

A handover ceremony was held in HUSM itself the next day, attended by both Emeritus Professor Dr. Muhamad bin Awang and Dato’ Professor Dr. Jamaludin Mohaiadin together with Dato’ Dr. Zaidun Kamari, the Director of HUSM, who ensured that all equipment were safely delivered.

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