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Preparing for a 21st-century workforce

The rapidly evolving world of technology has completely changed the way we think and work. Catering to the needs of the 21st-century consumer is the biggest challenge. Each day brings with it millions of new ideas, creative concepts, reinventions, idea evolution and much more. Every player in the industry is putting its best foot forward to stay ahead of the competition.

Employees are constantly being evaluated on their ability to adapt to the needs of the ever-changing market. How can you compete with the new graduates who are fresh off the mill with the latest knowledge? If you want to score an ace against your competitor, continuous learning is key. The fast-paced industry demands a constant upgrading of knowledge and skills.

You are benchmarked against your colleagues and your capabilities are continually assessed. Moreover, contrary to the way you studied for a qualification, the goalposts in an organisation always keep moving. It might be due to changes in industry practices, new technology, new legislation or a new chief executive officer who has a different vision. Irrespective of the cause of change, staying adept at your work is now a mandate.

While some organisations provide adequate opportunities to learn and grow, it might not always be in line with what you want for your career. So it is time you take charge for your personal development. Candidates who undertake continued learning are seen as highly engaged and motivated employees. Their zeal for learning and development also suggests that they are adaptable, passionate and a vital asset to the workplace and the organisation as a whole. Having said that, here are few ways to help you embark on your journey of continuing education.

Identify your area of improvement

What part of your job do you find the most difficult? To get a clear picture of your goal, you might go through your past performance reviews, take advice from a trusted senior colleague or talk to HR. Once you identify your area of improvement, you can decide on the type of mentoring that suits you the best. For instance, if good communication skills are of paramount importance in your job profile, you could go for weekend classes to gain exceptional skills in that area.

Know the needs of the market

When you are too busy at work, it is possible that you lose track of the current requirements of the job market. Keep a periodic check at various adverts and their specifications. If you find that the skills required do not match with current profile, you could consider gaining some new skills or enhancing your knowledge. On the other hand, if you possess the required skills, are they up to scratch? Check if you need to add a relevant qualification, a skill or just brush up your knowledge.

Update your knowledge

In order to maintain your credibility, it is important that you stay up-to-date with the current developments in your field. While certain jobs require professionaldevelopment and learning at regular intervals, others might not make it a criterion for promotion. Irrespective of the requirement, keeping your knowledge updated is essential for a successful career. You can join webinars, workshops, online forums, or read blogs. With technology, information is just a click away.

Soft skills

If you want to move up the ladder in your professional life, refining your soft skills should be a priority. Be it upselling, resolving a conflict at the workplace or managing different people at the office, every role requires soft skills that make you recognisable in a crowd. You can either go for training sessions by your organisation or leadership courses that provide you practical training to help you apply those skills.

If you are worried about juggling your time between work and study, an online course that gives you the flexibility to learn at your own convenience would make the best option. Consider joining Professional and Continuing Education (PACE) at SEGi University Kota Damansara. Specially designed for working adults, PACE gives you an opportunity to learn anytime, anywhere.

The mode of study is the blended approach, where working adults mostly study online at their own pace and only need to attend intensive workshops at the nearest authorised SEGi location once a month, usually during weekends.

SEGi allows you to pursue your desire for various further qualifications ranging from Diploma to MBA. The PACE programmes at SEGi University and Colleges aims at preparing a 21st-century workforce. Tailored to suit the needs of today’s working adults, PACE ensures that you can fulfil your ambitions while maintaining a satisfying work-life balance.

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