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The Centre for Pre-University Studies is designed to be a gateway for students heading towards tertiary education. The lecturers have vast industrial experience and will be guiding students throughout their journey. In addition to academic guidance, the Centre also serves as a platform for co-curricular exploration with our student led Official Foundation Friends Club (OFFC). Ultimately, the Centre strives to provide a complete education experience for its students.

The foundation programmes will guarantee graduates’ entry into quality degree programmes with SEGi University as well as the UK, USA and Australian universities in partnership with SEGi.



Dedicated facilities to create future engineers who are well-versed in technical knowledge and possess full understanding of their roles.


Hands-on knowledge of practical application of theory through lab experiments and practices.


Emphasise co-curriculur activities through sports and recreation facilities and students clubs for an overall personality development of students.


Emphasise co-curriculur activities through sports and recreation facilities and students clubs for an overall personality development of students.


Foundation in Science For A Strong Engineering Base

Engineers are the lifeline of the world. Everything around us has been created by engineers in one form or another. For school-leavers interested in Engineering, the 1-year Foundation in Science...
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Want a career in the health sciences? Then you need a Foundation in Science programme that is reliable

Wondering where to start a rewarding career as a Health Science professional? We suggest you start with the Foundation in Science programme from any leading university. Understanding exactly where to...
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Can’t decide between graphic design and hospitality? With Foundation in Arts, you can discover your passion better

Are you stepping beyond the four walls of school for the first time and can’t decide what you want to do in university? Maybe you want to become a graphic...
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What motivates me on my career path at SEGi University is the advice from the lecturers. Besides, as a qualified graduate from SEGi University, we are well-recognised by most of the companies.


SEGi University is an award-winning university in Malaysia. I believe that a degree from this prestigious university will help me to achieve my dreams of becoming an academician.


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Scholarships offered for 2019 intakes. Limited Seats Available.

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