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Pathway to employment: Soft skills workshop and training

In this second part of a four-part series highlighting how education at SEGi makes a difference for graduates’ future employment, we examine the few other programmes offered by this education institution as part of its efforts to prepare youths for employment upon graduation.

SEGi Talent Enhancement Programme

Malaysian employers are concerned with several challenges, namely skill and talent shortages. According to the 2017 Hays Asia Salary Guide, up to 97% of employers in the country are struggling to find the right talent they need. In a report published by The Star titled Employers face skill and talent shortage challenge, Hays Asia managing director Christine Wright said employers are more likely to invest in the training and development of staff due to skill shortage as it may affect business operations.

SEGi University and Colleges help to reduce the mismatch between skills and jobs through SEGi Talent Enhancement Programme, or better known as STEP. It is designed for final year students to equip them with skills to ensure they have a competitive edge over their peers upon graduation.

Upon completion of STEP, graduates will pick up new skills and ready to shine at the workplace as the programme provides relevant training and experience similar to a management training programme.

This is a three-month programme catered to selected students only, which upon completion can add another feather to their caps and make their resumes stand out. Final year students at SEGi with a minimum CGPA of 3.5 are eligible to apply. They must be an active participant in at least two or more clubs and societies in the campus.

Selected students will undergo the following training to be a part of the elite STEP graduates; admission tests including personality and EQ tests, personal interview and assessment by SEGi and Manpower, as well as submission of a personal statement.

SEGian Talks

Inspired by the internationally-acclaimed TEDTalks series where the best minds in science and culture share their ideas to improve and impact lives, SEGi University has also embarked on a similar initiative known as SEGian Talks.

The talks are aimed at providing a platform for inspiring entrepreneurs and leaders to share their experiences, shape young and bright minds, and to motivate students to embark on a similar journey the speakers had taken.

Throughout 2017, the Faculty of Business, Accounting and Management (FOBAM) have organized numerous talks to inspire students to pursue success in life. Among some of the speakers were CEO-cum-founder of Orion Social Media Shanker Joyrama, Jobstreet hirer marketing manager Christine Chong, Asia Pacific TechnipFMC Malaysia financing and treasury manager Wah Yi Shin, former Deputy CPO Perak Hon Prof DCP (R) Dato A. Paramasivam and many more.

Students were given the opportunity to learn from leaders and experts in various aspects such as Accountants and Business Survival, How to be your own boss, Employer’s Expectation: A great platform to develop career pathway and Corporate Makeover: Personal Development and Soft Skills.

Student Learning Support

The Centre for Teaching and Learning at SEGi University and Colleges offers learning and personal development workshops for students. These skills add value to students’ resume and help to set you apart from other applicants. The non-academic workshops impart valuable skills to make graduates more employable and push them to the top of their game.

Among some of the workshops available are creative thinking, critical thinking, speed reading, time management, Edward de Bono’s 6 Thinking Hats, Introduction to Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Heuristics for Decision-Making and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) for Better Relationships and Career Planning. These workshops typically last about 1.5 hours and 2 hours.

At SEGi University and Colleges, they understand that it is the responsibility of the institution to ensure the graduates are able to meet the needs and demands of industry. They offer a variety of soft skills programmes to help bridge the skill mismatches and completion of the workshops will add value to resume when looking for employment.

This article first appeared in The Star Higher Education Guide II on March 8. Check out the third part of this four-part series about SEGi education and how it brings you one step closer to employment. The third part focuses on SEGians’ success stories and it will be published in The Star Education II on March 15.

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