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Nurturing Industry-ready Graduates

Looking for a career path and want to make your mark? Why not venture into the world of business.

School leavers are urged to pursue careers in fields that ensure employability and world recognition and with the rising demand for business graduates, it makes a perfect career choice. TalentCorp Malaysia in its 2017/2018 Critical Occupation List found that among the top majors in demand by employers this year are in the field of sales, finance, accounting and business administration or management.

With this rising demand, graduates need to equip themselves with relevant industry knowledge to have a competitive edge which caters for shifting global and domestic trends that also influences the job market.

Through SEGi University and Colleges business and accounting programmes, school leavers are provided with this much-needed platform, enabling them to compete and rise as future business leaders or entrepreneurs with global and domestic acclaim.

Limitless Possibilities

SEGi University’s Dean of the Faculty of Business, Accounting and Management, Dr. Sugumaran Selladurai said the programmes offered provide students with limitless possibilities as entrepreneurs, introducing them to industry-driven linkages to build their credibility, potential and employability.

Being the largest and longest running faculty in SEGi, the Faculty has a stellar reputation as a provider of high quality business education for the past 40 years, proudly producing capable graduates who are not only highly in demand for their key management skills, but are socially competent and ready for the workforce.

The holistic industry-driven syllabus prepares school leavers in every aspect of the business domain. They are equipped with hard and soft skills. Hard skills refers to knowledge and abilities taught in the classroom. On the other hand, soft skills are ‘desirable’ qualities that do not depend on acquired knowledge, such as people skills, social skills and communication skills. A right balance of hard and soft skills is crucial in enabling future graduates to be able stand out and perform well in the working sector.

Apart from the curriculum, subjects taught by specialists, such as Business Management, Business Communication, Personal and Professional Development also contribute to equipping students with lifelong advantages in the business world. This training grooms them into becoming more capable of articulating themselves and moving beyond communication boundaries.

“The learning experience gained from interviews conducted for projects and case studies further prepare the students with exposure on problem-solving skills based on real-life experiences. This enables them to put to practice theoretical aspects learnt, the application of soft skills and the integration of solutions. For this purpose, industry key players are constantly engaged in the students’ gathering of business data and their assessment through work placements and internships carried out,” Dr. Sugumaran further elaborated.

Enrichment Support

Further consolidating students’ learning experience, students are also provided with skills enhancement support, namely, through a mentor-mentee system and the SEGi Enrichment Programme. The support given helps students to prepare beyond the classroom knowledge and skills acquired including in communication and grooming skills, among others.

Nurturing Future Entrepreneurs with the Industry

In nurturing future entrepreneurs, quality education provided is benchmarked with top-notch world institutions and its curriculum is constantly reviewed to ensure its relevance with the rapidly-changing demands of the industry with the help of esteemed industry advisors. As a result, industry-ready graduates are produced, preparing them for real-life rapid changes occurring in the socio-economic landscape.

To heighten the entrepreneurial spark in students, a series of talks by industry captains from various industries are also given – sharing success stories and invaluable business-savvy insights. Furthermore, students are also exposed to benefits of networking in business and emerging business trends such as the use of the social media. Among the series of inspiring talks given include on ‘Industrial Revolution 4.0: Are You Ready?’; ‘Social Media: A Great Platform for Entrepreneurs’; as well as ‘Employers’ Expectations’.

Promising Employment Outlook

The consistent track record of high employability rate among our graduates speaks for the prestige of SEGi University’s Faculty of Business, Accounting and Management. The Faculty boasts an impressive record of over 98% in employability rate for graduates within a duration of six months.

Apart from becoming entrepreneurs, graduates with business and accounting degrees, among others, usually venture into careers in accounting, economics, actuarial science, marketing, insurance, banking, finance or management roles, in both commercial and public sectors. Alternatively, some students go on to pursue a Master’s degree, which is also offered right here at SEGi University.

Interested to embark on your business journey with SEGi? Visit us at Alternatively, speak to our counsellors to learn more about the courses and workshops available. Contact the campus of your preference, call or WhatsApp 016-2129154 (Subang Jaya), 012-9889627 (Kuala Lumpur), 013-6294880 (Penang) or 017-8592566 (Sarawak).

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