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SEGi University’s Faculty of Medicine is committed to setting the highest standards for patient and healthcare, professional education, teaching, and hands-on training. The aim of the faculty is to instil graduates with the knowledge, skills, behaviours, and attitudes that will lead to their becoming capable, compassionate members of the medical world. The Faculty of Medicine provides diverse learning opportunities in a variety of clinical settings across the country. This provides them with an environment that is conducive to develop their leadership skills and prepare them to become the doctors and scientists of tomorrow. The faculty aims to bring “The Best in You, Made Possible” via the innovative integrated curriculum where we focus on educating our students in a patient-centred, science-driven, team-based, high-value healthcare environment.



Human cadavers in the dissertation hall and anatomy museum give students an opportunity to practice their skills.


Hands-on knowledge of practical application of theory through lab experiments and practices.


Besides classroom-based teaching at Sibu Clinical Campus students are given hands-on training by doctors and specialists during the last 3 years of the 5-year programme in 3 government hospitals, urban and rural community clinics, special clinics and private clinics.


The laboratories at SEGi University handle work from multidisciplinary fields to aid students in their scientific work.


“Chose to pursue my studies at SEGi University as I sincerely believe that SEGi is able to help me achieve my dream career which is to be a lecturer in the field of biomedical science. Moreover, the fee structure here was relatively more affordable as compared to other neighbouring universities which fitted my family’s budget well.”.


SEGi is comfortable and convenient studying here. The study environment at SEGi is the best. The lecturers are helpful as studying part goes easy. Overall, it is a good experience for me being at SEGi all this while.

~Loshni Thanabalan


Kemahiran dan Kualiti yang Perlu Dimiliki Oleh Pakar Bedah

Pembedahan adalah skop kerjaya yang sangat mencabar dan kompleks. Ia merupakan salah satu pengkhususan yang penting dalam bidang perubatan. Profesion ini dianggap sebagai ‘life-saving profession’ kerana ia memberi pesakit peluang...
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What is tropical medicine?

There are various specialities and sub-specialities in the ever-expansive medical field and each speciality has multifaceted sub-specialities which requires intricate skillsets and knowledge. Among the popular specialities include anaesthesiology, dermatology,...
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Keunikan bidang Sains Bioperubatan

Ramai lagi di luar sana yang kurang jelas tentang kelebihan dan keunikan bidang pengajian Sains Bioperubatan. Bidang ini mempunyai skop and pencapaian yang luas dan menyeluruh. Ia menggabungkan kursus sains...
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