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Kerjaya Menarik Dalam Bidang Sains Bioperubatan

Sains Bioperubatan adalah antara bidang perubatan yang menarik. Anda akan mempelajari semua perkara tentang genetik dan tubuh manusia seperti bagaimana badan kita melawan penyakit ataupun cara-cara ubat berfungsi di dalam...
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Making a difference through Biomedical Sciences

Every one of us has at least seen a doctor and got a health screening or test for at least once in our lifetime. Aside from the doctor, have you...
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Handling New Age Lifestyle Disorders

We have all heard of obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure being branded as the classic lifestyle disorders but the technology-driven age has not only upped the statistics on these...
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7 cool jobs after completing a degree in Biomedical Science

Biomedical Science is a field with immense opportunity. According to Professor Dr. Samiah Yasmin, Dean of Medicine, SEGi University, the scope of Biomedical Science is open ended and does not...
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A comprehensive guide to the top medical specialities that will always be in demand

When you complete your MBBS and housemanship, the natural question that will come to your mind is what’s next? You can take up employment or set up a general practice...
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SEGi University’s CRUCIAL tips to prepare yourself for a medical programme

Do you dream of becoming a doctor? We’re proud of you. However, completing a medical degree is not easy. You need to prepare yourself emotionally and academically to go through...
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The Helping Hands of Health Sciences: A Career with Heart

If you are considering a career in the field of health sciences – whether in the disciplines of Biomedical Science, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Optometry, Medicine and others, know that your prospects...
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