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“I Am Success” Interpersonal and Communication Workshop

SEGi University’s Career Office and Student Affairs invited Ms Shamini Vidyadaran from ManpowerGroup Malaysia, a multi-national human resource company to spend a morning with selected final year SEGians from various faculties to prepare them for full-time employment.

During the interpersonal and communication workshop called “I am Success”, the participants were prepped for job interviews. Ms Shamini also taught the participants the “Social Styles” which proved vital in identifying one’s style of communication and can be a determining factor on whether a certain job is suitable for the person. She shared that many graduates failed to land their dream jobs because they never knew this, and ended up applying and getting jobs that are unsuitable for them.

“Social Styles” means that people have four types of communication styles (driver, analytical, amiable, and expressive), and each of the style has its own advantages. The participants were asked to fill in a form to determine their style of communication and the results surprised the participants themselves. Ms. Shamini added that people can switch their styles whenever they feel they need to, but most of the time they will subconsciously show their dominant style.

Ms. Shamini also advised that graduates should possess all four types and should be able to switch according to the jobs they get, but it takes time for one to master this technique. She shared she has learned to switch due to the demand of various jobs she had in the past.

The session ended with Ms Shamini offering to assist soon-to-be graduates with their job hunt.

Thank you for sharing your words of wisdom with us, Ms Shamini!

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