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How multimedia design has changed the face of advertising, and why you should stay updated

How multimedia design has changed the face of advertising, and why you should stay updated

This is the time where advertising is the best way to reach out audiences. We are no longer restricted to the time of billboards, newspaper and television advertising. Advertisements are everywhere – on news channels, blogs, websites, news portals, social media. And that one thing that has taken advertising to the next level is multimedia. It is there in every sphere in advertising.

What is multimedia?

In simple terms, multimedia is everything that you watch and listen. It can be in the form of text, audio, video, visual and much more. It is a vital aspect of advertising in every industry and every field. Multimedia is often called ‘rich media’.

Multimedia is required in every field, not only in advertising. It has a distinct role in education, mass media, gaming, science and technology, production of audio-visual, engineering, research and much more.

How advertising has changed over the years?

Advertising has come a long way over the last few decades. The most impactful changes have happened since this millennium began. The ongoing popularity of mobile phones has now shifted the way people view content. People are no longer hooked on to the television, they are glued on to their mobile screens instead. Advertising has moved to social media now. With people spending more than 60% of their time browsing through social media, agencies across the world have taken to creating engaging advertisements to reach out to the targeted audience. A lot of data is generated every second of the day making advertising more targeted and definitely smarter.

Earlier, people had only access to a one form of media at a time – like a newspaper or the television. But now, customers are on multiple devices. People scroll through Twitter while watching television. This is a great opportunity for marketers as well as a challenge. While they can use multiple media to reach out to customers, they also need to continuously come up with engaging content to provide something new to the audience.

There has never been such a pressing need to create engaging visual content for the audience. The technological advancements have also reduced the attention time of the audience. This poses a massive challenge in balancing content with timing and attractive design.

Uses of multimedia in advertising

When it comes to advertising in today’s world, it’s all about interesting content and exciting visuals. In fact, multimedia rules the advertising world at the moment. More than 52% of internet marketers consider video content to be the one that makes the highest return on investment. Multimedia is the tool in the production team’s hand which helps them keep the customer engaged, and thus deliver results to the client. Companies can increase their customer base, add to their sales figures and connect with customers through multimedia.

The following are some of the uses of multimedia in advertising:

  • Graphics for print and media advertisements
  • Animation and engineering sounds for visual advertisements
  • Editing all kinds of content
  • 3D animations

What you should consider multimedia as a career option?

If you have a passion for multimedia, then this is definitely a right time to take it up as your career. This is one career option that will become more relevant as the world moves on in the path of digitisation. As a professional, you will be creating digital images, editing videos, creating video games, involved in the production process and perform a range of functions.

You can be involved in hands-on multimedia designing as a flash developer, graphic artist, sound expert, animator, picture researcher, web developer or you can work in the marketing side as a market research manager, public relations manager, media analyst, marketing strategist, product development manager or work in a range of other profiles.  

You can be a salaried employee or you can be a freelancer. Most freelancers across the world are multimedia freelancers and they are of great demand. The average salary of a multimedia specialist as per is USD48,936 (RM206,000) per year. Of course, the amount will vary according to different profiles and as per your career choice – whether you want to work as a salaried employee or  a freelancer.

Why should you consider a course in multimedia?

Multimedia is a complex field. From graphics and drawing to audio and animation — you need to know a lot of minute things to be a professional in this field, however there has been immense technological advancement that enables one to create amazing results.  

When it comes to multimedia, it is all about how you give vent to your creativity. And a formal course on multimedia will teach you how to do that. You will get to learn various formats of multimedia which will enable you to deliver the best user experience. You will be trained on various multimedia software and techniques to create magic.

If you dream to be a professional in the advertising world and build a rock solid career, in-depth knowledge of multimedia will definitely be a positive. The Faculty of Communication and Creative Design at SEGi University is enriched with some of the best multimedia professionals in Malaysia. Learn the tricks of the trade from them, the world of advertising is waiting for you.

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