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All research-based postgraduate courses offered at SEGi University come under the purview of the Institute of Graduate Studies. Through its myriad programmes, you will gain a deep understanding of your subject matters, as you pursue your postgraduate path. The academics working with the Institute are highly regarded in their fields of study and will be able to bring great impact to the research you will be carrying out.



With 5 full-functioning kitchens at hand, students get to experiment and gain a holistic learning experience.

The mock hotel rooms serve as a platform for students to expand their knowledge by placing theories learned in classrooms to practical use.

There are full collections of reference books on the topic of business and accounting at the library for students to utilise for assignments and examinations.

A great place to for students practise their theory and build on their already growing knowledge on serving.


“The environment at SEGi is very conducive and the professors are very friendly. These are the reasons that make me love this university and this country. SEGi has widened my horizons beyong the confines of a classroom”.

~Dang Jia Yi

SEGi University has won my confidence with its great many attributes. The teaching styles of lecturers are commendable and I enjoy the lectures.

~Mikail Suverov



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