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Overview Graduate School of Business

All taught postgraduate courses offered at SEGi University come under the purview of the Graduate School of Business. Through its myriad programmes, you will gain a deep understanding of your subject matters, as you pursue your postgraduate path. With many specialisations in the MBA programme and industry partnerships in the Master in Financial Planning, our students find that their academic needs are well taken care of.


Academic Learning Support

Pre-internship and pre-employment workshops to instil employment values, including soft skills training.


Hands-on knowledge of practical application of theory through lab experiments and practices.


Emphasise co-curriculur activities through sports and recreation facilities and students clubs for an overall personality development of students.


There are a full collections of reference books on the topic of business and accounting at the library for students to utilise for assignments and examinations.


“The environment at SEGi is very conducive and the professors are very friendly. These are the reasons that make me love this university and this country. SEGi has widened my horizons beyong the confines of a classroom”.

~Dang Jia Yi

SEGi University has won my confidence with its great many attributes. The teaching styles of lecturers are commendable and I enjoy the lectures.

~Mikail Suverov


Why Managers Should Consider Lifelong Learning

Lifelong learning refers to the ongoing process of learning and imbibing knowledge and skills for personal or professional developments. Many professionals, including business managers, are embarking on postgraduate studies or...
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Adakah MBA berbaloi?

Seperti yang kita sedia maklum, program Sarjana dalam Pentadbiran Perniagaan (MBA) dapat membantu para profesional meningkatkan peluang kerjaya mereka, mendapatkan gaji yang setimpal dengan kelayakan dan pengalaman, dan kenaikan pangkat...
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Panduan mengikuti Program Pascasiswazah dengan Mod Penyelidikan

Salah satu tarikan unik program pascasiswazah adalah pilihan untuk mengikuti pengajian dalam mod kerja kursus (coursework), atau berasaskan penyelidikan. Sebelum membuat keputusan laluan pascasiswazah, anda harus mengambil kira mod pengajian...
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Scholarships offered for 2021 intakes. Limited Seats Available.

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