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SEGi University Faculty of Education consists of Educators who have a wide range of experience training teachers and educators across the world. The faculty and other staff members work hard in ensuring that the students understand the philosophies of education and in turn are able to become successful teachers guiding students in their learning journey.


Students are guided by Psychology Industrial Advisor who hold prestigious positions in the industry.

There are full collections of reference books on the topic of business and accounting at the library for students to utilise for assignments and examinations.

Students are trained to be powerful educators in future.

Powered by a faculty team sought after by many business sectors for consultations on their products on children.


“The programmes offered here at SEGi University are unique and different from other universities . This is because SEGi University ensures that students academically as well as emotionally. SEGi ensures that students are able to cope with the syllabus and achieve excellent results while instilling students with a good personality. We are encouraged to be individuals who are open minded, ethical and professional.”


“SEGi University’s Bachelor of Education has helped shape me into the person I have always envisioned. The programme consists of a great deal of theoretical studies and hands-on activities which I believe can help me to make the changes I intend to see in my country, Bhutan.”

~Mendha Wengmo


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