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Faculty of Dentistry from SEGi organises campaign for healthy teeth for kindergarteners

Smiles were abundant as kindergarteners proudly showed off their sparkling white teeth during a recent Mighty Molars and Friends Campaign held in Tadika Aktif, Bandar Utama.

Some 10 dentistry students and three staffs from SEGi’s Faculty of Dentistry organized the oral health education programme to the 27 kindergarteners.

The campaign is aimed at raising awareness on the importance of healthy oral cavity and proper oral hygiene care from an early age.

The 27 kids aged between four and six were taught proper brushing techniques.

Apart from that, SEGian staffs also offered free dental screening and educated the kids on the role of diet in oral care.

SEGians believe it is never too early to teach the kids how to brush their teeth and keep it healthy. After all, healthy teeth make happy kids.

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