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Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment is dedicated to creating a holistic education experience for students at SEGi University. Faculty members are handpicked for their experience in both academia and in the industry. Our faculty members possess vast experience in their specialisation and keen to transfer knowledge in the most innovative ways. While most lecture class sizes are huge, tutorials are delivered in small groups (not more than 40 students) to ensure maximum attention to each student.


Prof. Kousay Al Sanjery

Prof. Kousay Al Sanjery

Faculty of Engineering and The Built Environment
  1. PhD Civil Engineering (IRQ)
  2. BSc Civil Engineering (UK)

  1. MIEM

Confined reinforced concrete

  1. Comments on structural reliability for design and construction as per Eurocode International civil and Infrastructure Engineering Conference. 28th sept.-1st oct. 14 Sabah kota kinabalu. Springer
  2. Horng Hean Tee, Kousay Al-Sanjery and Jeffrey Choong Luin Chiang, 2017, Behavior of reinforced concrete beams with confined concrete related to ultimate bending and shear strength, AIP Conference Proceedings , 1818, 020060
  3. Aniruddh A Bilodi, Mohd Rashid, Kousay Al Sanjery, Salmaliza Saleh Framework to assist professionals from architecture. Engineering and construction (AEC) implementing Building Information and Modelling (BIM) with respect to structural discipline. Centre of Geo-Hazards in structures related to structural and foundation design reliability management & materials Paper has been accepted to be published in next issue of JETA(SEGi Journal) on 16 July 2019
  4. Kousay Al Sanjery, Kong Fa Tee & Horng Hean Tee Education in the field of forensic Engineering 2nd International symposium on civil & environmental engineering 3rd-4th Dec. 2018 International Journal of integrated engineering IJIE( ISSN; 2229-838X) KL
  5. Horng Hean Tee, Kousay Al-Sanjery and Jeffrey Choong Luin Chiang, Behaviour of Over-reinforced Concrete Beams with Double Helix and Double Square Confinements Related to Ultimate Bending and Shear Strength, 2018, Journal of Physical Science, Vol. 29(Supp. 2), 77–98.

  1. Internal grant( RM 31000) year 2017


“Through classess with incredibily supportive classmates and lecturers who were always help us generously, I’m growing stronger everyday. It was a wonderful time in my life and the best educational experience I’ve had.”

~Lee Pei Shan, Engineering &
The Built Environment

“The classes conducted are a change from the typical environment of an undergrad engineering programme; I have pushed my own limits and installed a mind-set of critical thinking and continuous improvement.”

~Tay Chee Yong, Engineering &
The Built Environment

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