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Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment is dedicated to creating a holistic education experience for students at SEGi University. Faculty members are handpicked for their experience in both academia and in the industry. Our faculty members possess vast experience in their specialisation and keen to transfer knowledge in the most innovative ways. While most lecture class sizes are huge, tutorials are delivered in small groups (not more than 40 students) to ensure maximum attention to each student.


Chan Mieow Kee

Dr. Chan Mieow Kee

Deputy Dean, Research
Faculty of Engineering and The Built Environment
  1. PhD Chemical Bioprocess Engineering
  2. BEng Chemical Bioprocess Engineering

  1. Member of Board of Engineers

Water treatment, nanoparticles, membrane separation

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  3. Chan, M. K., Noorkhaniza, S., Ng, S. C. (2019). Evaluate the relationship between the membrane properties and contact angle: A statistical approach. In: Application of Statistical Methods in Various Disciplines. Universiti Utara Malaysia Press, Sintok.
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  1. Ammonia removal using nanotechnology approach. Industrial Grant (RM500, 600). January 2019 – February 2021. Principle investigator.
  2. Diffusion coefficient of volatile organic solvents for solvent recovery. SEGi Fund (RM21,800). July 2016 – August 2018. Co-researcher.
  3. The production of double cast polyacrylonitrile membrane for water treatment. SEGi Fund (RM39,540). March 2015 – February 2017. Principle investigator.
  4. Prediction of contact angle by using the membrane properties. SEGi Fund (RM31,140).March 2015 - September 2016. Co-researcher.
  5. Knowledge-based Scheme Predictor for High Dimensional Dynamical System. SEGi Fund (RM33,500).March 2015 – July 2016. Co-researcher.
  6. Development of zero valent nanoparticles for denitrification. SEGi fund (RM 30k). Aug 2014 – Jan 2016. Co-researcher.
  7. Studies of the compatibility of polymer composite with Zero-valent Iron Nanoparticle for Waste Water Treatment. SEGi fund (RM 30k). July 2014 - March 2016. Co-researcher.
  8. Mathematical modelling for extraction of orange (citrus sinensis) essential oil by hydrodistillation. SEGi fund (RM 30k). Aug 2014 – Jan 2016. Co-researcher.


“Through classess with incredibily supportive classmates and lecturers who were always help us generously, I’m growing stronger everyday. It was a wonderful time in my life and the best educational experience I’ve had.”

~Lee Pei Shan, Engineering &
The Built Environment

“The classes conducted are a change from the typical environment of an undergrad engineering programme; I have pushed my own limits and installed a mind-set of critical thinking and continuous improvement.”

~Tay Chee Yong, Engineering &
The Built Environment

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