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Confucius Institute organises “Dumpling Making Activity”

The Confucius Institute at SEGi University organised a “Dumpling Making Activity” at the Asian Kitchen located at SEGi College Kota Damansara for staff and students to participate in this festive season. The participants began preparing the ingredients early in the morning. They learned how to knead the dough, wash the vegetables and prepare the filling.

This event attracted the attention of the crowd and many passer-by came over to participate Everyone’s favourite activity was the wrapping of the dumplings. The Confucius Institute representative demonstrated how to wrap the filling into the dumpling skins. The students discovered that wrappin the dumplings were not as easy as they looked. The shapes of the dumplings were not consistent an some had more filling and some had less but nonetheless, the students had a fantastic time making the dumplings.

Well done Confucius Institute for organising such a meaningful event!

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