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Confucius Institute Cultural Forum: Belt & Road Initiatives: The Future is NOW!

THE Confucius Institute at SEGi University has organized a public forum titled Belt and Road Initiative: The Future is NOW! on 20 November 2017 to provide a platform for intellectual discourses on Belt & Road Initiatives and to heighten public awareness on how people of countries along the Belt and Road can benefit from this initiative, and how they can be equipped with the knowledge and skills to be a part of this opportunity at its current formative stage.

The event received overwhelming responses from academicians, business owners and entrepreneurs, and the general public. The Belt and Road Initiative Forum was organized by Confucius Institute, Hainan Normal University China and SEGi University.

Director of Cultural Office from the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Malaysia Zhang Jie Xin, Senior Manager of Malaysia MRT Corporation Ir Khoo Chee Min, SEGi University & Colleges Group CEO Hew Moi Lan, SEGi University Prof. Dr. Patrick Kee, Chief of Xinhua News Agency Malaysia Bureau Lin Hao, Chinese director of Kongzi UM Chen Zhong, Chairman of China Students Association Malaysia Zhang Run Xuan, principal of SJKC Chiao Nan Lim Hooi Yan, local director of Confucius Institute at SEGi University Lydia Foong, and Chinese director of Confucius Institute at SEGi University Chen Ming Hui were present at the event.

In his speech, Zhang expressed the support from the Chinese Embassy for the Confucius Institute at SEGi University especially for events or activities aimed at promoting the Belt and Road Initiatives.

The Confucius Institute also celebrated its 2nd Anniversary in November during the event. Chen in his speech summarized the development of the Institute in the last two years, particularly in teaching activities and the training of the local teachers. The Confucius Institute at SEGi University had collaborated with the Chinese Embassy to promote the Confucius scholarship and Chinese Bridge Summer Camp to provide opportunity for Malaysian students to learn more about China.

Meanwhile, Prof. Dr. Patrick Kee congratulated the Confucius Institute for the second anniversary of the establishment of the Confucius Institute and successfully hosted the Belt and Road Initiatives Forum.

Five panelists were present at the forum and shared their insights and expertise on three areas – Logistics & Transportation, Media & Communication, as well as Language & Centre. Khoo from the MRT Corporation shared his views from the Transportation perspective while lecturer from the Faculty of Accountancy and Management from UTAR, Foo Meow Yee shared her point of view on the Logistics, analyzing the impact of the Belt and Road Initiatives on the China’s Port Construction in Malaysia.

Phoenix TV correspondent and representative in KL, Gao Mian spoke about the media and communication from an international correspondent’s view while Director of Sports Department, Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union, Cai Yan Jiang discussed the sports and media management in Belt and Road territories.

Principal of SEGi College Kuala Lumpur-cum-Scholar in Education, Culture & Anthropology, Prof Dr See Hoon Peow was also present and shared his insights from the Language & Culture angle. He spoke about the cultural zones in the One Belt One Road countries, statistics of the overseas Chinese, and the cultural relation of the One Belt One Road countries with the China and Malaysia.

The Belt and Road Initiatives shares a similar objective with the Confucius Institute that is to raise the awareness and educate non-Chinese citizens about China and to promote the diplomatic relations between China and One Belt One Road countries.

The event was supported by the Embassy of People’s Republic of China, MBRACE and IEM.

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