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Centre of Water Research


Centre of Water Research is an inter-disciplinary research centre dedicated to furthering these interest and is committed to fostering an environment that encourages collaborative research spanning both traditional water-related disciplines, as well as non- traditional and emerging disciplines.


Dr. Aida Isma Mohd Idris

Team Members

  • Datin Munira Mohammad
  • Ir Kenneth Yeoh
  • Ir Jamaiatul Lailah Mohd Jais
  • Dr Chan Mieow Kee


The mission is to develop well-educated graduates with the essential skills, attributes and knowledge that will enable the students to practice as professional civil or environmental engineers and conduct research and development of international distinction to meet the needs of the discipline, industry and society.


Title Author Status Indexed in
Evaluation of Pilot Test on Improving Students’ Performance Using Rasch Model Munira Bt Mohammad, N. Lohgheswary,A. Wei Lun Accepted for publication WOS
Fabrication of Ultrafiltration Polyacrylonitrile Membrane via Spraying Technique Chan Mieow Kee, Ng Zhi Chien Accepted for publication Scopus
Rainfall Runoff Modelling of Sungai Pahang by Using HEC HMS Munira Binti Mohammad, Mohamad Shakri Bin Mohmad Shariff, Faiza Binti Abd Rahman Accepted for publication WOS
Diffusion Coefficients Determination for Commercial Grade Perfume Chan mieow kee, Chan Yi Shee1, Ong Chi Siang, Lim Lee Fong, Prasilla Kumaranand Tan Woan Guin Accepted for publication Scopus
Comparison Study of Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor using Cosmo Ball with and Without Coated Activated Carbon Aida Isma Mohamad Idris, Nurdhamirah Sakinah Jamaludin Accepted for publication Scopus
Performance of sequencing batch reactor treating sewage using integrated two-stage anoxic-aerobic process Aida Isma Mohamad Idris, Ashvini Kumar Accepted for publication Scopus
Application of Activated Fruit Peels For Copper Removal Parwit kaur, . Y. Tai1, L.L. Fong2, M.K. Chan Accepted for publication Scopus
The adsorptive performance of zeolite for copper and zinc removal Aseel Ali Saeed, J.Y. Kow1, L.L. Fong2, M.K.Chan Accepted for publication Scopus


Research Grants

Title Researcher Funding (RM) External Collaborator
Surface Modifications of Titanate Nanotubes (TNTs) Using Different Chemical Functional Group Nazlina Bt Zulbadli,Dr Aida Isma 25,000 NA
Enhanced of Carbon Dioxide Adsorption Capacity by Modified-Natural Sorbent and Process Optimization : Experimental and Simulation Study. Nazlina Binti Zulbadli,Dr. Leong Sim Siong, Nabilah Zaini 20,000 Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman,
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
Forward Osmosis for Concentrating Tropical Juice Aida Isma Mohamad Idris,Datin Munira Mohammad 10,0000 Universiti Putra Malaysia
Design and Synthesis Magnetic Nanocomposite for Water Remediation Che Hui Xin,Leong Sim Siong 20,000 Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman
Ammonia Removal Using Nanotechnology Approach Chan Mieow Kee,Tee Yi Shen, Kenneth Yeoh Tiong Kim, Jamaiatul Laila bt Mohd Jaid 500,600 Indah Water Konsortium