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Centre of Building and Resilient Development (CeBSD)


The objectives of this centre is to enhance a study towards building, resilient and sustainable issues in regards of built environment perspective.


Ts. Sr. Nadzirah Hj. Zainordin

Team Members

  • Mashanim Mahazir
  • Assoc Prof Sr Faris Omar
  • Zamzarina Md Judyar
  • Mohd Farhan Mohd Nasir
  • Siti Atikah Ghazali


This project will focus on:

  • Sustainable development
  • Resilient building
  • Risk & value management
  • Building Information Modelling
  • Construction management
  • Building conservation
  • Interior architecture


Title Author Status Indexed in
Evaluation of Value Management Awareness among Construction Player’s in Malaysia Ahmad Faris bin Omar, Nadzirah Zainordin Accepted for publication Scopus
Effectiveness of Facilities Management for Public School’s Classroom Siti Atikah Ghazali, Nadzirah Zainordin Accepted for publication Scopus
Framework of Green Building Maintenance Zamzarina Binti Md Judyar, Nadzirah Zainordin, Woon Will Lee Accepted for publication Scopus
Emerging Affordable and Sustainable Housing: A Conceptual Review Nadzirah Hj. Zainordin, Yeo Wen Yin Accepted for publication Scopus
Sustainability Criteria for Higher Education Institutions Nadzirah Hj. Zainordin, YSyuhaida Ismail Accepted for publication Scopus
Investigating Interoperability and Interfacing Issues on Building Information Modelling Among Construction Players in Malaysia At Pre-Contract Stage Ahmad Faris Omar, Nadzirah Zainordin Accepted for publication Scopus
Sustainable Transportation: A Perception Among Construction Player in Klang Valley Nadzirah Hj. Zainordin, Ho Khay Siang Accepted for publication Scopus
Challenges Faced by Quantity Surveying Firm When Expanding Abroad: An Insight from Malaysia’s Quantity Surveyor Ahmad Faris Omar, Jafrey Hisham, Nadzirah Zainordin Accepted for publication Scopus
Cause Contributing to Defect at High-Rise Residential Building: The Conceptual Study Nadzirah Hj. Zainordin, Prem Kumar Paramasivam Accepted for publication Scopus
The Challengers Factors in Implementing Forest City Concept: An Insight from Johor Bahru’s Construction Players Nadzirah Hj. Zainordin, Dzanaria Malek Accepted for publication Scopus
Evaluation of Value Management Awareness Among Construction Industry Professionals in Malaysia Aminah Mohd Bakhari, Nadzirah Hj. Zainordin Accepted for publication Scopus
An Identification Of Building Maintenance Criteria Toward Green Building Residential Project Nadzirah Hj. Zainordin, Woon Will Lee Accepted for publication Scopus
Capability of Building Information Modelling (Bim) In Improving The Efficiency of Green Building Project In Klang Valley – A Literature Review Mashanim Mahazir, Siti Fatimah Accepted for publication Scopus
Occupational Stress in Quantity Surveying Profession: A Preliminary Study Mashanim Mahazir, Hor Yong Jing Accepted for publication Scopus
Review on the Strength and Weaknesses of Sustainability Implementation for Higher Education Institution Nadzirah Binti Zainordin, Syuhaida Ismail International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering (IJITEE) Scopus, 8: 23-27
Application of Green Technology Among The Contractors In Central Region Of Sarawak Nadzirah Hj. Zainordin, Nurzalikha Sa’adi Journal of Social Science and Humanities Scopus, 16: 1-9


Research Grants

Title Researcher Funding (RM) External Collaborator
Recycled Glass Waste as Course Aggregate in Concrete Chan Joo Aik,John Ch’ng 20,000 NA