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Soft skills that you can pick up during your Pre-University studies

Pre-University is an exciting period. It is a time frame where you transition from the 11 years of formal schooling into the world of tertiary studies. Stepping into a higher...
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6 Laluan Kerjaya yang boleh diterokai dengan Program Asasi Sains

Program Asasi Sains adalah kursus pra-universiti yang bertujuan untuk melengkapkan pelajar dengan pengetahuan asas dan kemahiran untuk mengikuti ijazah sarjana yang berkaitan dengan sains. Oleh itu, ia memberi tumpuan kepada...
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Kelebihan Pra-Universiti atau Program Asasi

Sekiranya anda sudah mempunyai kelayakan SPM dan mempunyai perancangan untuk melanjutkan pengajian ke peringkat sarjana muda, anda mungkin memerlukan kelayakan pra-U untuk menempatkan diri di universiti atau mana-mana kolej. Asas...
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Foundation in Science For A Strong Engineering Base

Engineers are the lifeline of the world. Everything around us has been created by engineers in one form or another. For school-leavers interested in Engineering, the 1-year Foundation in Science...
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Find Your Passion With Foundation in Arts

Arts has a varied universe and as a school student, one can easily get confused. The best way to understand where your passion lies is to spend a year studying...
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Want a career in the health sciences? Then you need a Foundation in Science programme that is reliable

Wondering where to start a rewarding career as a Health Science professional? We suggest you start with the Foundation in Science programme from any leading university. Understanding exactly where to...
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Can’t decide between graphic design and hospitality? With Foundation in Arts, you can discover your passion better

Are you stepping beyond the four walls of school for the first time and can’t decide what you want to do in university? Maybe you want to become a graphic...
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A higher education scholarship made specially for school leavers

Higher education is essential. Merit is always appreciated and should be encouraged to flourish, irrespective of economic condition. This is where scholarships play a vital role. They lessen the burden...
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