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Centre for Advance Materials and Intelligent Manufacturing

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International Conference on Sustainable Engineering and Advanced Technologies (ICSEAT2022)
16 – 17 June 2022



The Centre for Advance Materials and Intelligent Manufacturing (CAMIM) started in 2020 and was previously known as Centre for Advanced Materials and Manufacturing. Centre for Intelligent Manufacturing System merged their research and consultancy with CAMIM to work as a bigger center to provide divergence coverage of intensive research in advance materials and smart manufacturing.


Ir Dr Shamini Janasekaran

Team Members

  • Ir. Associate Prof Dr Tan Yong Chai
  • Dr. Go Tze Fong
  • Mr. Amares Singh Gill Segar Singh
  • Mr. Tai Vin Cent
  • Dr. Kanageswary Sockalingam


Title Author Status Year
Feasibility study on autogenously lap joint between non-ferrous metal alloys using low power fiber laser Shamini Janasekaran, Nashrah Hani Jamadon, Farazila Yusof 2019
Feasibility study on Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welding on Zincalume G550 steel WaliSiJiang.Tayier, Shamini Janasekaran, Arvinth Rajandran  
Review of Microwave Brazed Joint in Industry 4.0 Walisijiang.Tayier and Shamini Janasekaran 2020
Study on hardness and shear strength with microstructure properties of Sn52Bi/Cu + 1% Al2O3 nanopartocles Amares Singh and Rajkumar Durairaj 2020
Cycle time reduction for coating process in manual assembly manufacturing towards economic sustainability Shamini Janasekaran, Vijaya Prakash Vijayasree and Marcus K H Chong 2020
The influence of welding parameters on the microhardness of Zincalume steel welded joint using Taguchi technique in Metal Inert Gas (MIG) Walisijiang.Tayier, Shamini Janasekaran, Abdullah Hussein Ali Alzubydi