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Information Technology
Adakah anda tertanya-tanya, apakah yang dimaksudkan dengan Diploma dalam Keselamatan Siber (Diploma in CyberSecurity)? Program ini direka khas bertujuan untuk mendedahkan para pelajar bagaimana untuk melindungi sistem komputer dan digital daripada digodam atau diceroboh oleh pihak yang tidak bertanggungjawab. Keselamatan siber merupakan satu bidang yang amat penting oleh kerana melibatkan jenayah, pengintipan ataupun sabotaj. Seperti...
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As our world becomes more seamless and connected, security becomes a cause for concern, especially to those who have adopted a digitalised lifestyle. Today, most of our personal data are hosted on the cloud, and unless we have chosen to go off the grid, we remain vulnerable to cybercrimes or attacks that can affect our...
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We know the demand for Information Technology (IT) specialists has existed for decades. There may have been a sudden slump in between but the discovery of social apps, artificial intelligence and the likes of data-oriented development has certainly given IT and computing the extra edge today. This could very much mean that by the time...
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The SEGi Career Centre of SEGi University collaborated with the School of Information & Technology to organise an industrial talk by Petronas Malaysia, the nation’s oil and gas company. The invited speaker, Nurul Azni Sharena Shaari is a Senior Manager BF and she shared on “Reshaping of Education Space through Evolution of Learning Technologies”. The...
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