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Engineering & Built Environment
The ongoing Industrial Revolution 4.0 has an impact on the discipline of architecture. as well. From changes in employment and definition of skills and work strategies to construction management and green energy production, everything is being redefined with the Industrial Revolution 4.0. There have been severe innovations in the field such as Rapid Prototyping, Augmented...
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It’s a warm day, you press the button and get a blast of cool air from a machine — a fan. You speak to your mother who is miles away through a device — a phone. You key a string of letters and numbers onto a screen and like magic your businesses’ projections for the...
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Have you ever wondered what is quantity surveying? Is it about doing a survey of quantities? Well… you aren’t far off. Quantity Surveying is an integral part of the construction industry and quantity surveyors have a very specific role to play. They are pivotal in managing the cost of any construction project and therefore posses...
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