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Can’t decide between graphic design and hospitality? With Foundation in Arts, you can discover your passion better

Are you stepping beyond the four walls of school for the first time and can’t decide what you want to do in university? Maybe you want to become a graphic designer or go on a totally different path and enter the hospitality industry where you will be contributing to one of the leading sectors of the Malaysian economy. You could also be thinking of a different set of skills that you want to develop during your years in university, but where do you start?

Making a choice about your future career is difficult and more so if you really don’t have a solid idea about what you want to do. Balancing what you like, with what you can do and what you should do is important because this decision will influence much of your future.

The Foundation in Arts programme could just be the answer to your indecision.

What is a Foundation in Arts programme?

It is a pre-university programme that builds the foundation to arts and humanities. It is a great programme to start your higher studies after completing secondary school. It doesn’t matter if you sat for SPM, UEC or IGCSE examinations, you can gain entry into this programme at SEGi University. The Foundation is Arts is a 12-month programme and it will prepare you well for your degree.

It is important to note that Foundation in Arts is administered by universities, unlike A-levels or International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma which is administered by a central international body. For students completing the Foundation in Arts programme from a particular university, you can actually proceed to a degree programme at the same university. This means that you will start university life faster than any of your friends who are pursuing A-levels or IB Diploma. And the best part is while your friends will be stressed about university admissions, you can be relaxed since you are already in one.

What are the benefits of Foundation in Arts?

You will be getting a glimpse of subjects that will help you understand what is waiting for you when you move on to higher studies. You will have access to study subjects such as Creative Designing, Mass Communication, Computing, Tourism and Hospitality and a host of others that will help you discover your forte. This will help you make the right choice and most importantly make learning  enjoyable at the degree level.

You will gain extensive knowledge about various areas of academia, which you would not have learned in school. From public speaking to critical thinking to essay writing, you will be more prepared for a university degree than your peers who are in school doing their IB or A-Levels. Hence, your foundation year at university is a great opportunity to broaden your knowledge and build expertise in a particular field.

Foundation in Arts can also be completed faster than other pre-university programmes like A-levels or an IB diploma. The assessment style is a balance of coursework, regular assessments and a final examination. In a way, it is a great way to get a good start to university life.

 Structure of a Foundation in Arts programme

Each university has its own designed programme that is tailor-made for pursuing any arts subject at the degree level in the same university. Typically, a Foundation in Arts programme consists of core subjects and elective subjects. All subjects are related to arts and humanities. Examples of core subjects include language, computer, business, statistics, public speaking, critical thinking, economics and others. Each university offers its own elective subjects and usually, you can take a combination of various subjects to widen your horizon. Examples of elective subjects include accounting, marketing, computing, creative designing, mass communication, quantity surveying, architecture, tourism and hospitality and others.

Benefits of entering a university earlier than your peers

What benefits would a pre-university programme bring you?

To begin with, you can be assured of a place at the degree level in the same university if you do well. That’s a big relief, isn’t it? There are a number of other benefits too. Most leading universities tie up with international universities to deliver their programmes, a facility rarely available in schools. You can take advantage of these tie-ups and get a world-class education even before you turn 18!

Moreover, most universities have well-stocked libraries that you can access. The faculty team of leading universities consists of academicians with a wide range of experience, who will be teaching you. It will be a great experience to learn from them.

All in all, with a Foundation in Arts programme, you will move on to the next level of education and find the right answer to what to pursue during your degree.

Find out if the Foundation in Arts programme is right for you. You can also check your eligibility for a 100% Foundation in Arts scholarship with your SPM trial results!

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