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The faculty team of Business, Accounting and Management of SEGi University consists of knowledgeable members who have vast exposure to industry practices and research. Each faculty member is dedicated to deliver the best possible learning experience for the students. Lectures are delivered in a friendly manner to make students feel at east with the learning mechanism. Sufficient support is provided individually to each student to ensure no student falls behind in the learning process.



There are full collections of reference books on the topic of business and accounting at the library for students to utilise for assignments and examinations.

The computer laboratory is equipped with state-of-art and technology to enhance the learning experience and serve as a gateway to access various current resources.

Learning support for students with thesis-construction, language proficiency, research and studying skills.

Pre-internship and pre-employment workshops to instil employment values, including soft skills training.


“The environment at SEGi is very conducive and the professors are very friendly. These are the reasons that make me love this university and this country. SEGi has widened my horizons beyong the confines of a classroom”.

~Dang Jia Yi

SEGi University has won my confidence with its great many attributes. The teaching styles of lecturers are commendable and I enjoy the lectures.

~Mikail Suverov


Become a master financial planner with SEGi

Financial planning is all about stability and sustainability. Whether we are looking at long or short-term business investment, individual retirement plan, educations fund or asset management, financial planning and management...
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深造,是为了提升人类的才能、文化和涵养;读研,则是让升学者可专研某种领域的知识,以成为该领域的专业人士。 在这个充满竞争的社会,单有工作经验或高学历已不再是一种优势,随着社会人士和毕业生投入职场以后,每个人都会发挥所长,施展浑身技能,希望能早日出头。可惜的是,大部分人未曾想过,究竟自己是为了什么而上班,是赚大钱和累积工作经验呢?还是准时上下班,毫无目标地过日子? 鉴于全球对科技和商业等专业知识的需求不断增多,以及众多企业逐渐聘请既有工作经验,又有高学历的人才,种种情况显示读研不失为一种好选择,许多青年人和成年人包括喜爱学术的大学生在可以一边工作赚钱的情况下,继续深造并进修自己的专长,日后在工作领域闯出一片天地。 读研有许多优势,尤其对于思考着是否继续升学的大学生和忙着赚钱养家的成年人,有着说不清的好处在内,例如学术研究、就业优势、平台提升、人格成长、心理成长、处事经验;不难看出,读研的好处在于小则取得更高阶的专业知识和学位,成为工作领域的专才,大则可为社会付出贡献,因此读研可说是全方面的提升。 当然,在读研这个漫长的过程中,研究生将经历一系列的人生挑战,他们可能会面对层出不穷的烦恼和问题、如感情、年龄、生计等因素,甚至是更糟糕的情况;如换个角度观察,每过关一次虽意味着会迎接更大的困难,但同时也可让自己变得更完善,研究生经过不同层次的磨炼后,无论是对于学术目标或未来规划都有更清晰的思绪,属利大于弊。 世纪大学的研究生课程,是为那些希望可以结合专业知识和工作能力的学子而开设,提供的优质课程适合繁忙的工作人士进修。 在世纪,研究生将可接触到不同的学习方式,其中有讲课、研讨会、工作坊、演讲、实验室及工作的实践经验。除此之外,世纪也邀请许多学术界权威人士和业界领导来担任学术顾问、讲师、考试及协调人员,研究生可在深造的路途上获益良多。 如果处在工作瓶颈阶段,或是深造期间不知未来的方向感,读研都可以解决这些问题,并且有效帮助您重新认识人生和职场的价值观,为您创造一段精彩的职业旅途。
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Peluang yang Luas Dalam Pentadbiran Perniagaan

Pentadbiran perniagaan merupakan salah satu bidang peluang pekerjaan yang paling popular ditawarkan dalam kalangan majikan di Malaysia. Bidang ini juga turut mempunyai pelbagai cabang antaranya adalah pemasaran, kewangan, operasi, sumber...
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