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Be at the forefront of educational development that is sweeping the world

If you are considering education as an area of tertiary study at University, then you should know that education is the firm foundation upon which lives are built. It defines how people grow and what they will become. The world is changing and so are the ways people perceive and experience life, and therefore it is imperative to continuously innovate in the field of education to keep it relevant and exciting. As a student of education you will seek to understand the subject matter better, with the knowledge that some day soon it will be you at the forefront of education innovation.

Education reforms are part and parcel of the Education sector. One of the principal functions of UNESCO is to implement education reforms and currently it is following a blueprint to achieve sustainable education for all by 2030. In Malaysia too, education reforms have taken a centre stage with the Ministry of Education following a blueprint from 2013 to 2025 to raise the standard of education in Malaysia.

As an Education graduate, you will be a part of such plans and much more and in turn, you will get to reform the lives of thousands of student that will pass through your classroom.  Here’s a look at the ideas transforming the field of education.

Learning driven by students

The time when teachers used to deliver lecturers and students used to take down notes is gone. Today, teachers are actually facilitators who deliver a great learning experience to students. Information is free-flowing, thanks to the digital age. And we are moving from a time of learning to a time of wisdom. While what you know is important, how much you understand and what you do with the knowledge has become far more important. At SEGi University, we follow a self-study mode where students learn through interactive classes. We make the best use of the current technological developments where we use digital classrooms so that students can learn irrespective of where they are located. By studying at SEGi University, you will be exposed to enquiry-based and curiosity-based learning, a mechanism being adopted in preschool classrooms worldwide. In these learning methods, children who are naturally curious are encouraged so that they develop into lifelong learners.

International education

It is becoming increasingly important for people working in the Education sector to keep a global perspective and possess cross-cultural skills. And a degree in Education is the best tool to achieve such skills. Education programmes provide a different set of challenges and opportunities. They provide valuable cross-cultural exposure that enables Education graduates to keep an international perspective. Considering SEGi University has a student body made up of people from more than 90 countries, the campus environment is conducive to cross cultural learning, understanding of different learning styles and creates a worldview that can’t be easily found.

The new face of learning spaces

With digital transformation, the environment of learning is changing completely. Books and study materials are now going online, libraries are becoming increasingly digitised, and learning hubs are centred around technological devices. Learning spaces are being created to foster independent learning and creativity and such educators have to find ways to deliver lessons that are themselves innovative, challenging and thought-provoking.

Bring your own device

From the age of carrying books to schools and colleges, we have come to an era where students carry their own device. What schools and colleges have to do is provide a rock solid WiFi network to support learning. This bring your own device has a lot of benefits. First of all, students don’t need to carry heavy bags. Device-based learning provides a unique chance of personalised learning. Today, a number of chic learning apps are available to aid learning. These allow free-flow of information in the pace that suits a student. As a professional in this front, you will be directly involved in creating interfaces that suit your subject matter and that is able to create customised learning.

At SEGi University, we actively teach you how to use Google Classroom to its best advantage. As a SEGi University graduate of Education, you will be empowered with the best in class technological facilities related to the field.

Inclusive practices in education

Education is for everyone. But not long ago, it was a challenge for students with learning difficulties. Not anymore. Consider the case of a student with dyslexia. Schools used to use the phonics-based method to teach dyslexic students. Today, things have changed. There are innumerable computer-based assistive technologies that are there to help dyslexic students. There is text to speech programmes, predictive spellers and several such assistance which helps someone with dyslexia learn. They also improve the awareness of a dyslexic brain. This, in fact, is one of the areas where immense research is still on-going.

While inclusion is being talked about in every sphere of life, the Education sector is not far behind. Education is becoming more and more inclusive where children with special needs are being included. They don’t need a special school for their education anymore. More and more schools across the world are including them in mainstream education. This not only brings in a remarkable improvement in the special needs child, but it also brings in a sense of inclusion among other children.

As the world changes around us, the way people are educated will keep on changing. Experts suggest that the Education sector is up for big changes and as a professional in this field you will get to be a part of it. So buckle up and enjoy the flight as you get to spread your wings.

Just like learning difficulties, progress is being made in teaching children with behavioural and developmental challenges. Teachers with specialised qualifications will find themselves being in high demand and are able to mould the way children with special needs are taught. If special education is something you might be interested in, then do explore your eligibility for the programme.

As educators, SEGi University strongly promotes inclusivity. Hence, our curriculum is designed in such a way that as future teachers, you get to be a part of this thought process and development to be able to provide similar education experiences to all students.

Why is SEGi University the best choice to obtain a degree in education?

SEGi education programmes combine the latest trends of the field. We appreciate that our graduates will be dedicating their life to shaping other people and hence we provide our best efforts to train them. By studying at SEGi University, you will be able to specialise in any of the following areas:

  • Early Childhood Education
  • Teaching English as a Second Language
  • Special Needs
  • Guidance & Counselling

Being an educator is a commitment to shape future generations, and you can be a part of it. SPM School Leavers are encouraged to apply for the High Achievers’ Scholarship that gives as much as 100% in scholarship. Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of something bigger than yourself and an ability to mould a new generation of global citizens.

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