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An MBA is only as good as it’s international collaborations. Here’s 8 reasons why

What is that one single degree which will give you a comprehensive understanding of all aspect of the global business world? – MBA.

An MBA is an all-in-one degree where you get to understand the various facets of business and become an expert in the field you specialise in. An MBA is all about understanding how business is done and how the nature of business varies from one country to another. The rigorous years you spend understanding business will help you define your career path.

MBA is not a theoretical degree. The exposure to practical applications, case studies, people’s experiences is crucial to your knowledge bank. And this is where international collaborations become important.

International collaborations are a win-win for students as well as for universities, as far as an MBA degree is concerned. Here are the reasons why.

#1 Students get the global context

Businesses are no longer limited to geographical boundaries. As an MBA graduate, you will be expected to know the global context. These International collaborations give you an international perspective. They will help you embrace the global culture.

#2 Beneficial for both local and global students

International partnerships will benefit you irrespective of whether you are a local student or an international one. If you are a local students, international partnerships might provide you with a once in a lifetime opportunity of travelling to the foreign university and meeting your peers there. The interaction will help you gain immense perspective and gain crucial experience in education in other countries.

If you are an international student, all the above benefits applicable for local students holds good for you too. Additionally, you might get an opportunity to travel back to your country for some time, and might complete your internship from there. Opportunities are endless.

#3 Provides an in-depth understanding of business partnerships

International collaborations also provide you with an in-depth understanding of business partnerships in different countries. You will be exposed to different kinds of technologies and various working atmospheres.

#4 Exposure to international teaching standards

You will have access to global literature and research materials and add value to your MBA degree. You will also be exposed to international teaching standards which will be crucial to stay ahead of the competition when you step into the industry.

#5 Learning from the best

Global collaborations mean that students will not be limited to learning only from the professors of the universities they are enrolled in. International collaborations open up unlimited opportunities. Professors from foreign universities may visit your university from abroad and share their knowledge with you. You get to learn from the experts in the field and get immense academic and practical exposure.

#6 Employers value workforce with a global perspective

The ultimate point of getting an MBA is to launch the career of your dreams, isn’t it? Employers nowadays prefer employees who have a global perspective. As we said earlier, business is no longer limited to geographical boundaries. Organisations compete in global markets and handle foreign competitors. Through international collaborations, you will be adept with the latest developments and challenges in the international markets which will be of immense value to your employer. Even if you work for a domestic enterprise, your knowledge will help your employers understand market challenges and overcome them. Your experience will be invaluable.

#7 You will be a storehouse of new ideas

Survival for enterprises means adapting and reinventing their systems and processes. This is not only crucial to stay relevant, but also important to be able to cope up with global challenges. As an employee, you will have a role to play in helping the organisation stay ahead of its competition. With foreign learning experiences, you will be able to provide ideas and perspectives which will help the company innovate. International collaborations will expose you to learning opportunities which will help you gain the relevant skills to do so. You will have to be exposed to professional networks which will make you an asset for the organisation.

#8 Stay ahead in the competition

International collaborations will help you stay ahead in a competition. It will expose you to ideas and experiences which will be of immense help to steer your way towards professional success. You will be able to fare well in interviews, perform well in your tasks and bring perspectives that people without this exposure will not be able to. It will help you create a pathway to success.

At SEGi University, we understand how important international collaborations are. We have been developing such partnerships for years with renowned colleges across the world to provide the best experience to our MBA students. This is one of the reasons why businesses in Malaysia and abroad value our graduates and employ them.

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