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Advance & modern hospitality facilities at SEGi University create real-life training for students

Being a hospitality professional is all about handling guests, serving them and making sure that they have a nice, comfortable time. To be a thorough professional in this industry, it is imperative that a student gets access to the best facilities and real-life training. A cook can learn how to create exquisite dishes only when he/she knows how to handle various professional kitchen gadgets, isn’t it?

Here-in comes to the importance of advanced facilities for providing a real-world experience to hospitality students. At SEGi University, we combine theoretical learning with practical experience by using our advanced facilities so that our students know their job inside out.

Importance of real-life training for hospitality students

Real-world learning help students get a first-hand experience of doing their job and gain competencies. This helps them become successful professional hoteliers. Through real-world experiences, you are exposed to a learning environment and get a first-hand experience in the world of the hospitality industry. You learn how to take care of your guests, work in different kinds of setting, understand how to work in coordination with other team members and most importantly the tricks and trade of doing different kinds of jobs. You get the true essence of hospitality and make your guests happy.

While we certainly appreciate the theoretical overview of various modules at SEGi, we strongly believe that practice makes a man perfect. Hence our students spend hours in our kitchens and laboratories to get a hands-on experience. Students develop vital skills such as hostmanship, leadership, managerial skills and others which contributes to converting school leavers into thorough professionals by the time they leave our university premises.

Facilities for hospitality students

Providing real-world experiences to students is not possible without access to modern facilities.

So what kind of facilities are required for hospitality students?

To understand this, we need to look at the various niches in the industry:


Being a chef is all about knowing how to whip up lip-smacking dishes within the given time-frame. A chef’s job entails a thousand small things – from pantry management to time management. While understanding food science is important, it mostly entails spending hours in the kitchen getting a hands-on experience. Hospitality schools which have excellent kitchen facilities lead the way in making the best chefs around the world. It’s all about practice. It takes hundreds of imperfect dishes to make one impeccable dish.

Event Management

Event management is one of the primary functions that you might be performing, as a professional in the industry. From planning an event to executing it without a hitch, this job entails a million small tasks. You need to know your venue in and out, possess skills such as leadership and collaboration to get everything done, understand how to execute real life events and most importantly know what is happening in each and every sphere of an event. Facilities such as access to various equipment, access to event management halls and meeting with the key people and teams will help you know how to do your job flawlessly.

Hotel Environment

As a hospitality professional, you will be spending your life across various hotels. Hence, knowing your hotel in and out and understanding how things work is essential. Although you might be an expert in one particular field – such as managing the front desk or handling events, you will need an understanding of all the departments to have a holistic idea about your workspace. To gain this experience, knowing about the hotel environment is important. The course structure in SEGi provides you with the theoretical knowledge regarding hotel management by including modules on Hospitality Computerised Systems, Accommodation Management, Premises and Facilities Management and other things. The facilities at SEGi also give you access to cutting-edge technologies where you get a hands-on experience of how to do them actually. This will help you obtain relevant skills and help you stay ahead of your peers when you actually step into the industry.

You are the center of our functioning at SEGi. We constantly upgrade our facilities to provide the best learning experience to you. We understand that learning is a continuous process and appreciate the importance of facilities, especially with regards to hospitality management. Our facilities enable our students to perform as experts and make raving fans out of the guests they serve.

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