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A higher education scholarship made specially for school leavers

Higher education is essential. Merit is always appreciated and should be encouraged to flourish, irrespective of economic condition. This is where scholarships play a vital role. They lessen the burden of rising higher education cost.

Well, scholarships do much more than lessening the economic burden actually. They help students focus on studies rather than worrying about tuition fees. They also remove the requirement of taking education loans which comes in handy when students start off their career.

At SEGi, we understand how important scholarships are, especially if you are starting off a University life. We want you to enjoy the learning process rather than worry about fees. Hence, we have a scholarship programme specifically designed for school leavers and in this article, we will tell you all about that.

SEGi High Achievers’ Scholarship (HAS)

Referred to one of the best higher education scholarship programmes in Malaysia, this scholarship aims to reward academic excellence and nurture promising young people to realise their best potential. Through this scholarship, we provide the best opportunities and benefits to our students to help them start off their career with ease.

You can get up to 100% waiver on your tuition fees with this scholarship programme.’

Who can apply?

We have some general criteria and some specific criteria for applying for this scholarship.

As per the general criteria, you can apply if you are

  • A Malaysian citizen aged below 25 years
  • Having high academic achievement(s)
  • Active in extra-curricular activities

An additional recommendation by the head of your school is considered an added advantage.

Academically, if you fulfil any of the following criteria, you can apply for this scholarship:

  • Current Form-5 student(with trial results)
  • SPM leaver
  • STPM student/leaver
  • O-level student
  • A-level student
  • UEC student

Categories of HAS

In HAS, scholarships are provided under two categories:

Academic Scholarships: These scholarships are given out based on your academic achievements. Below is a comprehensive guide on the same:

  Academic Achievement   % of Scholarship on Tuition Fees
  10As and Above   100%
  9As and above   75%
  8As and above   50%
  STPM/Local Matriculation/A-Levels/ Foundation/ Diploma
  CGPA 4.00/4As   100%
  CGPA 3.75/3As   75%
  CGPA 3.50/2As   50%
  7As or 5 points   100%
  6As or 7 points   75%
  5As or 10 points   50%
  4As or 15 points   25%
  Australian Matriculation (SACE,WACE,MUFY,SAM)
  ATAR 95 – 100   100%
  ATAR 90 – 94   75%
  ATAR 84 – 89   50%


  1. SPM (As include A+, A and A-) and UEC(As include A1 and A2)
  2. SPM/O-Levels – students who scored straight A’s in all registered subjects (but less than 10 subjects) may be considered for 100% scholarship on a case-by-case basis by written approval of the senior management.
  3. UEC – Total Points of 5 Best Subjects:
  • A1 = 1 point
  • A2 = 2 points
  • B3 = 3 points
  • B4 = 4 points
  • B5 = 5 points
  • B6 = 6 points
  • C7 = 7 points

Once granted, you need to maintain a CGPA of 3.70 every year to continue the scholarship.

We work hard to provide you with all kinds of assistance to help you maintain a good academic record. With assistance from our faculty team and dedication from you, we are sure that you will be able to maintain your grades and enjoy your student life.

Sports Scholarships: We appreciate our students who have a strong passion for sports. If you are a State level athlete, you will be entitled to a 25% rebate and if you are a National level athlete, you will be entitled to a 50% rebate on the tuition fees. We would need a verification from the Sports Association regarding your participation. We will also expect you to represent the University in the MAPCU games or any other tournaments and make us proud.

Students who are granted sports scholarships are required to maintain a minimum CGPA of 2.5 every semester and also maintain their sports achievement in the State and National level. We will provide all the necessary assistance to help you balance your studies and passion for sports.

Apart from HAS, we also have other scholarships for needy students. You can get more information about them from our admissions cell.

Our students are the centre of all our activities at SEGi University. We want to make your life easier, simpler as well as recognise those who work hard to achieve their dream. Our scholarships are our way of encouraging each student to put in their best effort. You may find out more here.

We want you to do well, and we will reward you for the same.

Happy Studying!

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