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A business management degree is your ticket to a career in major Malaysian industries

A business management degree is your ticket to a career in major Malaysian industries

Malaysia is one of the largest economies of Southeast Asia and ranks in the top 50 of the world. GDP-wise, Malaysia is the third largest economy in Southeast Asia. The best thing is that the economy is highly diversified and is quite robust. It definitely is one of the best places to launch your career after a Business Management degree. Wondering if a Business Management degree is the right start to a rewarding career in Malaysia?

The nature of the Malaysian economy

The Malaysian economy is dominated by the service sector. Hence industries such as financial services, tourism and medical technology drive the economy. With regards to manufacturing and agriculture, the products that are at the forefront are palm oil, rubber, paddy and coconut. Apart from these, construction, automotive industries and electronics industry are also in the forefront. With regards to export, Malaysia is the 26th largest export economy exporting goods such as petroleum and gas, electrical and electronic products, palm oil, petroleum, chemicals, machinery, metal, rubber, wood and a host of other products. A business management degree will open up doors for working in any of the above-mentioned industries and others which are not mentioned here.

Malaysia is home to leading multinational companies

Most multinational companies across worldview Malaysia as an emerging market for products and services. Think about any leading global operator, and you will find them in Malaysia. From finance, education, telecommunication, construction to information technology, tourism and hospitality, all the industries in Malaysia has multinational operators. Multinational operators favour business management graduates for their insight into the discipline.

Malaysia has a thriving expat population

The amount of expat population in Malaysia has been increasing steadily over the past few years with people pouring in from Europe, North America, Australia and other nations. Most multinational company located in the country employ expats from all over the world in the absence of efficient resource available locally. There are well-paying jobs are available in all the leading sectors. And having a business management degree over and above the traditional educational qualification will give you an edge to you for competing in these jobs.

All leading industries employ business management graduates

Talent with a degree in Business Management are in high demand in Malaysia. Almost all industries in Malaysia employ Business Management graduates. This widens up your horizon as one. You have the option to pursue a rewarding career in any organisation – finance or banking institution, information technology and telecommunication organisation, food and beverage manufacturer, hotel, electronic and electrical equipment manufacturer, home furniture manufacturer, chemical and petroleum industries, transport, pharmaceutical company, textile and apparel manufacturer, property development services and many, many more.  

Business management graduates grab the top paying jobs

As per a recent report, among the top 10 highest paying jobs in Malaysia, 5 belong to people with a business management degree. These profiles include a Chief Financial Officer, Marketing Director, Risk Management Director, Real Estate Broker and Strategy Director. This proves that starting as a fresh graduate, you can build a lifelong career in the country. A business management degree will be your doorway to years of happiness and job satisfaction.

Most job opportunities in Malaysia require a Business Management degree

The best job opportunities in Malaysia require a Business Management degree. The number of jobs which requires business management graduates are on a steady rise. However, most employers report a lack of locally available talent with specialisations in finance, marketing, business administration, finance and international business. The number of operators in each sector is too high and the supply of talent is too less. And this is a massive opportunity that you should take benefit of.

Malaysian industries motivate their employees to get a business management degree

As per a study conducted recently, it was found that most Malaysian businesses encourage their employees to obtain a business management degree while being employed with them. In fact, several companies actually sponsor a business management education. Malaysian businesses also see a business management degree as an important addition to qualification while recruiting.

There are plenty of option to change jobs

The demand being higher than supply, there are more jobs available with a lesser number of talent available to fill these positions. A Business Management degree is someone’s pass to make a career change. In fact, 40% of students take up an MBA course so that they can make a career shift later in their careers. You will get plenty of opportunities to do so in Malaysia.

Innumerable Business Management students dream to be an entrepreneur and Malaysia is a great country to do so. The economy is one of the fastest growing economies in Southeast Asia and the Government has great policies which support entrepreneurs. Take the benefit of a good degree in a great country. You deserve it.

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