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10 cool & unconventional jobs in Education

When one talks about pursuing a degree in Education, the only image that comes to our mind is a class full of students and a blackboard. But the Education sector is not limited to only teachers. There are loads of profiles that one can choose from to build a rewarding career. And some of them are just so unconventional and awesome!

Here’s the top 10!

#1 Curriculum designer

If you love planning, then this kind of profile will be ideal for you. Rather than teaching subjects, you will actually be designing what others will teach. Curriculum designing professionals create education programmes and instructional materials for schools, colleges and even companies. They create training materials that trainers follow in organisations. So how does a curriculum designer work? Curriculum designers actually have a deep understanding of a subject and detailed knowledge of theories and techniques required. They can also become standardised testers where they create, implement and assess the results of examinations at various levels.

#2 Recreation and student life professional

Are you a fun-loving person? Then you can consider this profile. We all know the importance of co-curricular activities in shaping someone’s life, right? But these co-curricular activities have a purpose — they help in the overall development of an individual. And for that, these activities have to be pursued in a planned manner. After completing an Education degree, you can be that person who devices the plan. You can be a camp director, an after-school programme director, residential life director or a student activities coordinator.

#3 Writer & Publisher

If you have a passion for writing, an Education degree can be very handy. You can be a textbook writer and publisher and work in a range of organisations from universities to media companies. You can be an entrepreneur, too. As a publisher, you can do associated work apart from writing such as editing and sales. If you don’t want to go to the textbook line, think of blogging. There is innumerable education bloggers who are making a handsome living through blogging and social media.

#4 A life outside the classroom

If you like teaching, but don’t want to be confined to the four walls of a classroom, then we have news for you. You can be a teacher outside classrooms. You can teach in museums or be an education  specialist in science centres, tours and workshops. You can also work for corporates and train new staff during employee orientation, device new procedures and facilitate leadership workshops.

#5 Administrator

For people with a knack of organising, moving into education administration is a great option. You don’t need to be in a classroom, rather you will oversee how the education institution is run. This is a position of responsibility and power and administrators are in great demand because of their understanding of the subject of teaching.

#6 Student Counsellor

As the world is becoming more and more complicated, young people are facing challenges that were not there even a decade ago. They face personal issues and life issues and they need guidance. Almost all educational institutions have counselling positions. This is a very rewarding profile where you get to mould lives and guide them through obstacles.

#7 Policymaker

The entire world is now engaged in discussions about how children should be taught. Countries are revising their education policies to incorporate best practices. Policymakers are of demand, and as an Education graduate, you have a role to play in this. You will have a theoretical insight that others may not possess. A range of career options is available in this arena and is worth giving it a try. You will be able to shape the life of the youth of your country and change all the things you hated about school yourself!

#8 Adult educator

As the saying goes, there is no right age for learning. Hence, it is wrong to assume that as an Education graduate, you will be confined to teaching children only. You can be an adult education teacher which is an extremely rewarding career choice. You can impart literacy to those in need, be a life coach or even a prison system teacher.

#9 Join Non-Profit Organisations

Non-profit organisations have a range of requirements where Education graduates fit in perfectly. You can be a grant writer and help them raise funds. This requires specific writing skills and communication skills. You can also be a part of a number of programmes run by these organisations and maybe even travel the world conducting workshops and training trainers.

#10 Education Consulting

You can be an education consultant and be your own boss. You can be associated with local schools or colleges, conduct online webinars, conduct workshops for teachers and do a host of other things. Being an independent consultant will not tie you down to one organisation or one place. Freedom will be yours as you move around the country advising and consulting with educational institutions.

There is so much to explore, you simply need to widen your horizon. Whatever profile you choose to work in, you will finally be doing something good for others. And that’s all that matters. Find out how you can obtain an affordable and comprehensive education degree through one of the top universities in Malaysia.

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